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Weekly Information Bulletin: 7th July 2007
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The Week Ahead:
9 - 13 July 2007

Commons Chamber
General Committees
Select Committees
Lords Chamber
Lords Select
9 July
OPQ - Home
Est - 3rd allotted day - at 10pm the House will be asked to agree all outstanding Estimates
Adj - Coastal access in England - Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger
ESC - Unnumbered Explanatory Memo...Draft Budget 2008
5th DLC - Draft National Minimum Wage... Regulations 2007
Public Accounts
Joint Comm on Human Rights
Oral Questions
Leg - Statistics and Registration Service Bill (Consideration of Commons Amendments); Offender Management Bill (Report, 3rd day)
Del Leg - Secure Training Centre (Amendment) Rules 2007 - motion to annul
Joint Comm on Human Rights
EU Sub Comm B
10 July
OPQ - Scotland; Communities and Local Government
Leg - Alcohol (Harm Reduction) - Sandra Gidley
Leg - Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No.2) Bill
Mot - to approve the Draft Terrorism Act 2006 (Disapplication of Section 25) Order 2007
Mot - to approve the Draft Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisation) (Amendment) Order 2007
Leg - Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill [HL] - Second Reading
Adj - National Heritage support for the Barwick in Elmet iron age hill fort - Colin Burgon
PBC - Serious Crime Bill [HL]
1st DLC - Draft Rehabilitation of Offenders...Order 2007
2nd DLC - Draft Double Taxation Relief...Order 2007
3rd DLC - Draft Political Parties...Order 2007
4th DLC - Draft Housing Benefit (Loss of Benefit) (Pilot Scheme) Regulations 2007
5th DLC - Draft Gambling Act 2005...Order 2007
Crossrail Bill
Environmental Audit
Communities and Local Government
Public Administration
Oral Questions
Leg - Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill (Committee stage, 2nd day); Building Societies (Funding) and Mutual Societies (Transfers) Bill (Committee stage)
Del Leg - Gambling Act 2005...Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2007- motions to approve
EU Sub Comm A
Science and Technology
11 July
OPQ - International Development; Prime Minister
Leg - Proof of Age Scheme (Purchase of Restricted Goods) - Mr Robert Flello
Deb - Opposition Day (16th allotted day) - debate on an Opposition Motion
Adj - Falkland Islands - Andrew Rosindell
PBC - Off-Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill
6th DLC - Draft National Assembly for Wales...Order 2007
7th DLC - Draft Limited Liability...Regulations 2007
8th DLC - Draft Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2007
9th DLC - Draft Community Order (Review by Specified Courts) Order 2007
Education and Skills
Science and Technology
European Scrutiny
Oral Questions
Leg - Pensions Bill (third reading); Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill (Committee stage, 3rd day)
EU Sub Comm D
12 July
OPQ - Treasury
Leg - Further Education and Training Bill [HL] - Remaining Stages
Adj - Death of Gareth Myatt - Ms Sally Keeble
10th DLC - Draft Companies (Political Expenditure Exemption) Order 2007
Public Administration
Oral Questions
Leg - Sustainable Communities Bill (2R); UK Borders Bill
Deb - on the Energy White Paper
(L. Truscott)
EU Sub Comm G
European Union
EU Sub Comm C
13 July

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Prepared 7 July 2007