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Order of Business Tuesday 4 March 2008

Here you can browse the House of Commons Order of Business for Tuesday 4 March 2008.

+ indicates Government business.
Timings are indicative only.

House of Commons
Order of Business

At 2.30 p.m.
  Ministerial Statements (if any)
  indicates a question for oral answer.
[R] indicates that the Member has declared a relevant interest.
Questions for oral answer not reached receive a written answer
Supplementary questions will also be asked. Other Ministers may also answer.
Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Transport
Mr James Gray (North Wiltshire): Which train operating company has (a) the worst operational record and (b) the highest recorded level of passenger dissatisfaction in the latest period for which figures are available.
John Penrose (Weston-Super-Mare): What recent assessment she has made of the adequacy of the capacity of the rail network.
Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North): How many vacant train paths there have been through the Channel Tunnel in the last 12 months.
Paul Holmes (Chesterfield): What assessment she has made of the budgetary implications of the national concessionary bus fare scheme for local authorities.
Mrs Siân C. James (Swansea East): How much she has allocated for capital spending at Swansea railway station over the next five years; and if she will make a statement.
Tom Brake (Carshalton & Wallington): What steps her Department is taking to encourage people to make fewer short car journeys.
Mr Simon Burns (West Chelmsford): What plans she has to upgrade the A12 from the M25 to Chelmsford.
Jeff Ennis (Barnsley East & Mexborough): What funding her Department provides for cycling safety training.
Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods (City of Durham): If she will undertake a review of the extent to which public and community transport services meet the needs of vulnerable passengers.
Mrs Janet Dean (Burton): What estimate she has made of the effect of extending rail services on levels of greenhouse gas emissions from transport; and if she will make a statement.
Dr Ashok Kumar (Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland): What recent assessment she has made of the adequacy of the North East transport infrastructure; and if she will make a statement.
Dr Stephen Ladyman (South Thanet): What steps her Department is taking to encourage people to take up careers in maritime transport.
Philip Davies (Shipley): If she will bring forward proposals for a scheme to charge foreign registered lorries for their use of the UK's road network.
Richard Ottaway (Croydon South): If she will bring forward legislative proposals to provide her with powers to reduce traffic congestion in London.
Ian Lucas (Wrexham): What recent discussions she has had with train operating companies on ticketing.
Gordon Banks (Ochil and South Perthshire): What steps she is taking to encourage airlines to take responsibility to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.
Paddy Tipping (Sherwood): If she will make a statement on the funding of highway improvements on the A46 between Newark and Widmerpool.
Mr Robert Flello (Stoke-on-Trent South): What recent discussions she has had with Network Rail on repainting Longton railway bridge.
Mr Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley): How much funding was provided for rural transport in 2007 and 2006.
Mr Michael Jack (Fylde): What plans she has to increase use of public transport in coastal towns.
Judy Mallaber (Amber Valley): What research her Department is funding into low-carbon sources of energy for transport uses.
James Brokenshire (Hornchurch): What recent assessment she has made of the adequacy of the capacity of the rail network.
Chris Mole (Ipswich): What steps are being taken to improve access for disabled people at Ipswich railway station, under the Access for All programme.
At 3.15 p.m.
Topical Questions to the Secretary of State for Transport
The Members listed below have been selected by ballot to ask a Topical Question.
Mrs Madeleine Moon (Bridgend): If she will make a statement on her departmental responsibilities.
Mr John Leech (Manchester, Withington):
John Robertson (Glasgow North West):
Mr Peter Bone (Wellingborough):
Nia Griffith (Llanelli):
Mr Andrew Mackay (Bracknell):
Richard Ottaway (Croydon South):
Sir Peter Soulsby (Leicester South):
Clive Efford (Eltham):
Mr Eric Illsley (Barnsley Central):

At 3.30 p.m.
  Urgent Questions (if any)
  Ministerial Statements (if any)

Preliminary Business
Ten minute rule Motion
[Up to 20 minutes]
Shona McIsaac
   That leave be given to bring in a Bill to introduce a bank holiday in the Autumn.
   The Member moving and a Member opposing this Motion may each speak for up to ten minutes (Standing Order No. 23).

Main Business
  indicates Government Business
EUROPEAN UNION (AMENDMENT) BILL: Committee (10th allotted day) (Clauses 6 and 7, and any selected amendments to Clause 8 other than those making commencement contingent on a referendum.)
[Up to six hours]
For Amendments, see separate Paper.
   Proceedings on Clauses 6 and 7, and any selected amendments to Clause 8 other than those making commencement contingent on a referendum, will be brought to a conclusion not later than six hours after commencement (Orders of 28th January and 3rd March).
At the end of the sitting:
   Proposed subject: Proscription of the People’s Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran (Mr David Amess).
   Debate may continue until 10.30 p.m. or for half an hour, whichever is later (Standing Order No. 9).

Energy Bill Committee
10.30 a.m.
Room 11 (public)
4.00 p.m.
   Further to consider the Bill.
Regulatory Reform
9.30 a.m.
Room 19 (private)
9.30 a.m.
The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House (private)
9.45 a.m.
   Subject: Financial Reporting and the National Accounts.
   Witnesses: Financial Reporting Advisory Board; Office for National Statistics (at 10.30 a.m.).
Communities and Local Government
9.40 a.m.
Burnley Town Hall, Burnley (private)
10.00 a.m.
   Subject: Community Cohesion and Migration.
   Witnesses: Burnley Action Partnership, Youth on Unity, Burnley and Pendle Travel Ltd, and the Chai Centre; Canalside Community Association, Thursby Gardens Community Action Group, Central Briercliffe Road Action Group and Piccadilly’s Moving Community Association (at 10.30 a.m.); Burnley Borough Council and Lancashire County Council (at 11.00 a.m.).
10.00 a.m.
The Grimond Room, Portcullis House (private)
Environmental Audit
10.00 a.m.
Room 16 (private)
10.20 a.m.
   Subject: Post-Kyoto: The International Context for Progress on Climate Change.
   Witnesses: Jennifer Morgan, Director, Climate and Energy Security Programme, Professor Tom Burke, Founding Director, E3G, and Dr Benito Müller, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.
Welsh Affairs
10.00 a.m.
Room 15 (private)
10.30 a.m.
   Subject: The Provision of Cross-border Public Services for Wales.
   Witnesses: Rt Reverend Anthony Priddis, Bishop of Hereford, Reverend Nick Read OBE, Chaplain for Agriculture and Rural Life, Diocese of Hereford, Rt Reverend Dominic Walker OGS, Bishop of Monmouth, and Reverend Robin Morrison, Provincial Church and Society Officer, Diocese of Monmouth.
Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
10.15 a.m.
Room 20 (private)
10.30 a.m.
   Subject: Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform: Spring Supplementary Estimate.
   Witnesses: Sir Brian Bender KCB, Permanent Secretary, and Mark Clarke, Director General, Finance and Strategy, Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, and William Roberts, Director of Finance and Resources, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.
Culture, Media and Sport
10.15 a.m.
Room 8 (private)
10.45 a.m.
   Subject: Harmful Content on the Internet and in Video Games.
   Witnesses: T-Mobile, O2, Orange UK and Mobile Broadband Group.
Home Affairs
10.15 a.m.
The Wilson Room, Portcullis House (private)
10.30 a.m.
   Subject: Domestic Violence.
   Witnesses: Diana Barran, Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse; Ian Wright MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government and Kevin Brennan MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Children, Schools and Families (at 10.50 a.m.); Kiranjit Ahluwalia (at 11.30 a.m.); Vernon Coaker MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office (at 11.45 a.m.).
International Development
10.15 a.m.
Room 6 (private)
Scottish Affairs
10.30 a.m.
Room 18 (private)
11.15 a.m.
   Subject: Employment and Skills for the Defence Industry in Scotland.
   Witnesses: Unite the Union and Prospect.
3.30 p.m.
Room 16 (private)
4.00 p.m.
The Grimond Room, Portcullis House (private)
4.15 p.m.
   Subject: Consultation Sentencing Guideline: Causing Death by Driving.
   Witnesses: Professor Mike Hough, Director, Institute for Criminal Policy Research; RoadPeace and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (at 4.55 p.m.); Crown Prosecution Service (at 5.20 p.m.).
Human Rights
1.30 p.m.
Room 5 (private)
Public Accounts Commission
11.00 a.m.
Room 5 (private)
11.15 a.m.
   Subject: National Audit Office’s Estimate for 2008-09.
   Witness: Tim Burr, Comptroller and Auditor General.
[The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be rescinded without notice.]

Written Ministerial Statements to be made today
Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform: Post-EU Competitiveness Council in Brussels, 25th February 2008.
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport: Evaluation of the impact of the Licensing Act 2003.
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: New arrangements for the use of VIP facilities at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports from 1st April 2008.
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Third Report under section 11(1) of the Northern Ireland (Monitoring Commission etc.) Act 2003.
Secretary of State for Transport: Tackling congestion on our roads.



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