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Thursday 17th January 2008


Report Stage Proceedings


Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Supplementary Provisions) Bill


Mr Christopher Chope


Withdrawn  7


Page  1,  line  4  [Clause  1],  at end insert ‘and the railway assets at Waterloo Station


released by London and Continental Railways.’.


Stephen Hammond


Withdrawn  3


Page  1,  line  5  [Clause  1],  at end add—



In subsection (1) “rail services” refer only to those services that both originate and


terminate in the United Kingdom.’.


Stephen Hammond


Negatived on division  4


Page  1,  line  5  [Clause  1],  at end add—


‘( )    

The powers of the Secretary of State under section 6 of the Railways Act 2005


shall be exercised in such a way so as to ensure that assets associated with the rail


link at Waterloo Station are developed for the purpose of providing domestic rail




Mr Christopher Chope


Not selected  8


Page  1,  line  6,  leave out Clause 2.


Stephen Hammond


Not selected  5


Page  1,  line  10,  leave out Clause 3.



Mr Greg Knight


Mr Christopher Chope


Stephen Hammond


Sir Peter Soulsby


Agreed to  9


Page  2,  line  8  [Clause  4],  leave out from ‘as’ to ‘in’ in line 9 and insert ‘is


reasonably incurred by the Office of Rail Regulation’.


Report Stage Proceedings: 17th January 2008              



Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Supplementary Provisions) Bill, continued


Mr Greg Knight


Mr Christopher Chope


Not called  2


Page  2,  line  25  [Clause  4],  at end insert ‘but such further notice shall not include


any increase to the fee payable in the original notice attributable to the fee remaining


unpaid after the date specified in the original notice.’.


Stephen Hammond


Not selected  6


Page  2,  line  29,  leave out Clause 5.



New Clause


Review of access arrangements


Mr Greg Knight


Mr Christopher Chope


Not selected  NC1


To move the following Clause:—


‘The Secretary of State shall, every 24 months, publish a report to Parliament—



showing the spare capacity on High Speed 1 currently available for—



domestic services, and



international services, and



giving details of all access applications made in the previous two years,


the decision made in each case, and the reason for the decision.’.


Bill read the third time, and passed.


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