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given on


Tuesday 18th December 2007


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39-49, 51-52 and 53


Public Bill Committee


Housing and Regeneration Bill


Mr Iain Wright




Schedule  2,  page  127,  line  37,  leave out from ‘agreement’ to end of line 38.


Mr Iain Wright




Schedule  3,  page  129,  line  24,  after ‘HCA’, insert ‘if the Secretary of State is


satisfied that—



an alternative right of way has been, or will be, provided, or



the provision of an alternative right of way is not required’.


Mr Iain Wright




Schedule  3,  page  129,  line  25,  leave out sub-paragraph (2).


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  13,  page  6,  line  14,  leave out second ‘and’.


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  13,  page  6,  line  15,  at end insert ‘and



Part 8 of the Planning Act 2008,’.


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  14,  page  6,  line  35,  leave out ‘functions’ and insert ‘all relevant functions,


or specified relevant functions,’.


Notices of Amendments: 18th December 2007                



Housing and Regeneration Bill, continued


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  14,  page  6,  line  40,  after ‘(3)’, insert ‘—



may provide for the HCA to have the functions concerned instead of, or


concurrently with, other persons who have them,





Mr Iain Wright




Clause  14,  page  6,  line  43,  after ‘(5)’, insert ‘, or section 274(1)(d) in its application


to an order of a kind falling within this section,’.


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  14,  page  7,  line  3,  leave out ‘section 188’ and insert ‘sections 188 and 330’.


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  14,  page  7,  line  5,  leave out ‘, 55 and 76’ and insert ‘and 55’.


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  14,  page  7,  line  8,  at end insert—


‘“relevant functions” means functions of—



a district council, a London borough council, the Common


Council of the City of London, or any other body which is a local


authority within the meaning of the Town and Country Planning


Act 1990 (c. 8),



a district planning authority (within the meaning of that Act), or



a hazardous substances authority (within the meaning of the


Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990 (c. 10)).’.


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  14,  page  7,  line  10,  at end insert—



The Secretary of State may by order amend the definition of “planning-related


provisions” or “relevant functions” in subsection (7).’.


Mr Iain Wright




Clause  274,  page  116,  line  19,  at end insert—


‘( )    

an order under section 14(8),’.


Mr Iain Wright




Schedule  7,  page  158,  line  39,  leave out from beginning to end of line 1 on page


159 and insert—



Omit subsection (2).’.


Notices of Amendments: 18th December 2007                



Housing and Regeneration Bill, continued


Mr Iain Wright




Schedule  10,  page  168,  line  24,  at end insert—


Town and Country Planning Act

Section 8A(2).’.


1990 (c. 8)


Mr Andrew Love


Mr Andy Slaughter


Margaret Moran




Clause  2,  page  1,  line  15,  at end insert—



to facilitate the provision and supply of housing for low cost home


ownership and low cost rental through community land trusts.’.


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