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Thursday 13th December 2007


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Public Bill Committee


Housing and Regeneration Bill


Choice-based disability housing register


Sir George Young




To move the following Clause:—



The Housing Act 1996 is amended as follows.



After section 167(2E) insert—



Subject to subsection (2), the scheme shall contain provision for the


creation of a disability housing register consisting of—



a record of existing or planned accessible residential properties


in the local authority area, whether purpose built or adapted, with


details of the access features relating to each property and


location details and other residential properties which would


otherwise meet the particular requirements of disabled persons;



a record of disabled persons who require such properties;



a service of enabling and supporting disabled persons to bid for


properties so recorded and



a mechanism for ensuring such persons are accorded priority


status for such properties within the allocations process.



For the purposes of this section—


“accessible residential properties” means dwellings, flats and houses in


multiple occupation in England and Wales which provide a reasonable


means of access in and around the property and ease of use for disabled


persons or which may easily be adapted to provide such access and ease


of use;


“residential properties which would otherwise meet the particular


requirements of disabled persons” means properties which would be


suitable, either in terms of their size, particular features or location, for


Notices of Amendments: 13th December 2007                



Housing and Regeneration Bill, continued


disabled persons who have disability-related requirements other than or


in addition to access requirements.



This section is without prejudice to the right of disabled persons to bid


for properties other than those mentioned in subsections 2F and 2G





In performing their duties under this section, each local housing authority


shall have regard to any guidance given from time to time by the


appropriate authority.’.


Sir George Young




Clause  2,  page  2,  line  3,  after second ‘needs’, insert ‘of an ageing society’.


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