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Notices of Amendments


given on


Tuesday 15th January 2008


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Health and Social Care Bill Committee 225-286


Public Bill Committee


Health and Social Care Bill


Kelvin Hopkins




Clause  57,  page  28,  line  26,  at end add—



An inspection for the purposes of the Commission’s functions under Chapter 2


will be triggered by—



a change of ownership,



a change of registered manager,



the occurrence of an adult protection investigation,



a turnover of staff deemed higher than the average by reference to the


Skills for Care National Minimum Dataset,



a recommendation or referral from the Local Government Ombudsman


or the Health Ombudsman in response to complaints about a health or


social care provider.’.


Kelvin Hopkins




Schedule  4,  page  117,  line  30,  at end insert—



the Local Government Ombudsman and the Health Ombudsman.’.


Kelvin Hopkins




Schedule  4,  page  119,  line  44,  at end insert ‘and develop protocols in order to share


information with—’.


Sandra Gidley


Greg Mulholland




Clause  112,  page  60,  line  25,  leave out ‘may show’ and insert ‘shows’.


Notices of Amendments: 15th January 2008                



Health and Social Care Bill, continued


Sandra Gidley


Greg Mulholland




Schedule  7,  page  135,  line  6,  leave out ‘must’ and insert ‘may’.


Sandra Gidley


Greg Mulholland




Clause  81,  page  39,  line  36,  after first ‘the’, insert ‘factors the Commission is to


take into account when determining the’.


Sandra Gidley


Greg Mulholland




Clause  81,  page  40,  line  17,  leave out subsection (2)(a) and insert—



may make provision for the amount of a penalty payable under a penalty


notice to differ according to—



the factors the Commission is to take into account when


determining the amount of the penalty, and



the time by which the penalty is paid’.


Sandra Gidley


Greg Mulholland




Page  117,  line  2,  leave out Schedule 4.


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