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Territorial application: Wales

Territorial application: Scotland


Clause 2: Continuity of scheme membership

Clause 3: Automatic enrolment

Clause 4: Postponement of automatic enrolment

Clause 5: Automatic re-enrolment

Clause 6: Jobholder's right to opt in

Clause 7: Jobholder's right to opt out

Clause 8: Information to be given to jobholders

Clause 9: Information to be given to the Pensions Regulator

Clause 10: Introduction of employers' duties

Clause 12: Review of qualifying earnings band

Clause 13: Pay reference period

Clause 14: Qualifying schemes

Clause 15: Automatic enrolment schemes

Clause 16: Occupational pension schemes

Clause 17: Personal pension schemes

Clause 18: Quality requirement: UK money purchase schemes

Clause 19: Quality requirement: UK defined benefit schemes

58.     Clause 19 provides that the quality requirement for defined benefits schemes depends on whether or not the jobholder is in contracted-out employment under the PSA 1993.

Clause 22: Quality requirement: UK hybrid schemes

Clause 23: Quality requirement: non-UK occupational pension schemes

Clause 24: Quality requirement: personal pension schemes

Clause 25: Power of trustees to modify by resolution

Clause 26: Deduction of contributions

Chapter 2: Compliance

Clause 28: Compliance notices

Clause 29: Third party compliance notices

Clause 30: Unpaid contributions notices

Clause 31: Calculation and payment of contributions

Clause 32: Fixed penalty notices

Clause 33: Escalating penalty notices

Clause 34: Penalty notices: recovery

Clause 35: Review of notices

Clause 36: References to the Pensions Regulator Tribunal

Clause 37: Offences of failing to comply

Clause 38: Offences of providing false or misleading information

Clause 40: Requirement to keep records

Clause 41: Powers to require information and to enter premises

Clause 42: Disclosure of information by Revenue and Customs

Clause 43: Information for private pensions policy and retirement planning

Clause 44: Penalty for disclosure

Clause 45: Objectives of the Regulator

Chapter 3: Protection of employment rights

Clause 47: Enforcement of the right

Clause 48: Right of employee not to be unfairly dismissed

Clause 49: Restrictions on agreements to limit operation of this Part

Chapter 4: Personal accounts

Clause 51: Scheme orders: general

Clause 52: Consultation of members and employers

Clause 53: Contribution limits

Clause 54: Procedure for scheme orders

Clause 55: Procedure for rules

Clause 56: Application of enactments

Clause 57: Trustee corporation

Schedule 1: The trustee corporation

Clause 58: Functions

Clause 59: Application of enactments

Clause 60: Interpretation of Chapter

Chapter 5: Personal Accounts Delivery Authority

Clause 62: Principles

Clause 63: Directions and Guidance

Clause 64: Finance

Clause 65: Disclosure of information by the Pensions Regulator

Clause 66: Non-executive committee

Clause 67: Winding up of the Authority

Chapter 6: Stakeholder pension schemes

Chapter 7: Interpretation

Clause 70: Agency workers

Clause 71: Crown employment

Clause 74: Exception for reserve and volunteer forces          

Clause 76: Extension of definition of worker

Clause 77: Interpretation of Part

Part 2: Simplification etc.

Clause 79: Revaluation of accrued benefits etc

Schedule 2: Revaluation of accrued benefits etc.

Part 2

Part 3

Clause 80: Additional State Pension consolidation: Category A and graduated retirement benefit

Schedule 3: Additional Pension consolidation

Clause 81: State pension credit: extension of assessed income period for those aged 75 or over

Part 3: Pension compensation on divorce etc

Clause 83: Interpretation

Clause 84: Activation of pension compensation sharing

Clause 85: Creation of pension compensation debits and credits

Clause 86: Cash equivalents

Clause 87: Reduction of compensation

Clause 88: Time for discharge of liability

Clause 90: Discharge of liability

Schedule 4: Pension compensation payable on discharge of pension compensation credit

Part 2: Transferee attains pension compensation age before or on transfer day

Part 3: Transferee attains pension compensation after transfer day

Part 4: Provisions applicable irrespective of age of transfer day

Clause 91: Charges in respect of compensation sharing costs

Clause 92: Supply of information about compensation in relation to divorce etc.

Clause 94: Pension compensation sharing and attachment on divorce etc

Schedule 5: Pension compensation sharing and attachment on divorce etc: England and Wales

Clause 95: Consequential amendment

Chapter 2: Other provisions about pension compensation

Schedule 6: Amendments to Schedule 7 of the Pension Act 2004

Part 4: Miscellaneous

Clause 98: Interest on late payment of levies

Schedule 7: Interest on late payment of levies

Clause 99: Intervention by Regulator where scheme's technical provisions improperly determined

Clause 100: Exclusion of transfers out in certain cases

Clause 101: Official pensions: adjustment of increases in survivors' pensions

Clause 102: War pensions: effect of later marriage or civil partnership

Clause 103: Polish Resettlement Act 1947: effect of residence in Poland

Part 5: General

Clause 105: Orders and regulations: supplementary

Clause 107: General financial provisions

Clause 108: Repeals

Clause 110: Extent


Administrative costs



Impact on individuals

Impact on employers

Impact on government

Impact on industry

Competition impacts

Impact on the macro economy

Gender Impacts

Disability impacts


Part 1: Pension scheme membership for jobholders

Part 2: Simplification etc

Part 3: Pension compensation

Part 4: Miscellaneous


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Prepared: 6 December 2007