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Wednesday 23rd January 2008


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341-53 and 359-365


Committee of the whole House


European Union (Amendment) Bill


Daniel Kawczynski




Clause  8,  page  4,  line  8,  leave out ‘on Royal Assent’ and insert ‘when Her


Majesty’s Government has secured the agreement of the European Council to a


Declaration, supplementary to the Preamble to the Treaty on European Union, that the


Union is based upon its Christian faith, heritage, culture and history’.


Jon Trickett


Colin Burgon


Jon Cruddas


Frank Dobson




Clause  2,  page  1,  line  13,  after second ‘to’, insert—



the provision of healthcare services; and





Jon Trickett


Colin Burgon


Jon Cruddas


Frank Dobson




Clause  6,  page  3,  line  20,  at end insert—



A Minister of the Crown may not vote in favour of or otherwise support a decision


under any article of the Treaty on European Union or Treaty on the Functioning


of the European Union that relates to, or in so far as it relates to or could be


applied in relation to, the provision of healthcare services by an NHS body unless


Parliamentary approval has been given in accordance with this section.’.


Notices of Amendments: 23rd January 2008                



European Union (Amendment) Bill, continued


Jon Trickett


Colin Burgon


Jon Cruddas


Frank Dobson




Clause  6,  page  3,  line  43,  at end insert ‘, and



“NHS body” means—



a Strategic Health Authority;



a Special Health Authority;



a Local Health Board;



a Primary Care Trust;



an NHS trust; or



an NHS foundation trust.’.


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