House of Commons


Notices of Amendments


given on


Thursday 24th April 2008


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Local Transport Bill [Lords] Committee 121-156


Public Bill Committee


Local Transport Bill [Lords]


Stephen Hammond




Clause  26,  page  25,  line  28,  at end insert—



In subsection (2), in paragraph (c) (maximum period for which scheme to remain


in operation), for “ten” substitute “five”.’.


Stephen Hammond




Clause  26,  page  25,  line  30,  leave out ‘ten’ and insert ‘five’.


Stephen Hammond




Clause  30,  page  27,  line  45,  at end insert—



any estimated liabilities arising from legal action by relevant


operators as a direct result of the scheme’.


Norman Baker


Mr John Leech




Clause  41,  page  36,  line  20,  after ‘area’, insert ‘including actions to ease


congestion on a highway network.’.


Norman Baker


Mr John Leech




Clause  51,  page  45,  line  6,  leave out ‘may’ and insert ‘shall’.


Notices of Amendments: 24th April 2008                  



Local Transport Bill [Lords] continued


Norman Baker


Mr John Leech




Clause  58,  page  51,  line  25,  leave out from ‘and’ to end of line 27 and insert ‘to the


local traffic authority’.


Norman Baker


Mr John Leech




Clause  61,  page  54,  line  26,  at end insert—



After subsection (1)(vii) insert—



to require operators of public passenger services (within the


meaning of section 9A) to display within any vehicle or premises


used for providing those services information appropriate to


enable users of those services to make representations (including


complaints) about them to the Executive.



as a result of any representations (including complaints) it has


received from users of public passenger services pursuant to


subsection (1)(viia), to make and publish recommendations or


representations in such manner and to such persons as the


Executive sees fit.”’.


Mr Clive Betts




Clause  80,  page  69,  line  34,  after ‘Delegation’ insert ‘transfer’.


Mr Clive Betts




Clause  80,  page  69,  line  42,  at end insert—



The Secretary of State may, to any extent, by order provide for the transfer, to an


ITA or an eligible local transport authority, of any function of a highway


authority or a local traffic authority—



which is exercisable by the highway authority or the local traffic


authority in relation to an area which is comprised in the ITA’s integrated


transport area or the eligible local transport authority’s area, and



which the Secretary of State considers can appropriately be transferred to


and exercised by the ITA or the eligible local transport authority.



An order made under subsection (1A) may provide that any reference in the


Highways Act 1980 or the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to a highway


authority or a local traffic authority shall have effect as a reference to the relevant


ITA or the eligible local transport authority to whom any function of a highway


authority or a local traffic authority is transferred by that order.’.


Mr Clive Betts




Clause  80,  page  70,  line  3,  at end add—



“Highway authority” and “ local authority” have the same meaning as they do for


the purposes of the Highways Act 1980 and the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984