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given on


Tuesday 1st April 2008


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1461-63 and 1473


Consideration of Bill


Energy Bill, As Amended


Tariffs for renewable energy


Alan Simpson


Mr Alan Duncan


Martin Horwood


Mr Michael Meacher


Mr John Grogan


Colin Challon




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State shall make regulations within one year of the passing of


this Act with the purpose of requiring designated energy suppliers to introduce a


renewable energy tariff for specified producers of renewable energy.



In this section—


“renewable energy tariff” means the reward level for each kilowatt hour of


energy produced by the renewable source;


“renewable source” has the same meaning as in the Utilities Act 2000




“ renewable energy” means energy from renwable sources;


“renewables obligation” means the obligation specified in section 32 of the


Electricity Act 1989 (c.29);


“specified” means specified in the regulations.



The renewable energy tariff shall set the reward level for each kilowatt hour of


energy produced by the renewable source and may—



be set at different levels for different levels for different types of


renewable source;



apply to metered energy produced and/or to metered energy exported


onto public gas or electricity networks;



apply to sizes of renwable sources specified in the regulations;


Notices of Amendments: 1st April 2008                  



Energy Bill, continued



be varied at different times as prescribed in the order or in successive





make provision for the payment and incidence of the costs of connection


of small-scale generators to public networks.



The descriptions of energy supplier upon which an order may impose the


payment of a renewable energy tariff are those supplying electricity or gas—



in Great Britain;



in England and Wales;



in Scotland; or



in Northern Ireland


excluding such categories of supplier as are specified.



The regulations shall specify—



the renewable sources in respect of which renewable energy tariffs shall





the tariff applicable to each renewable source;



the maximum level of electricity generation in respect of which the


renewable energy tariff shall apply;



which persons and installations generating from renewable sources shall


be eligible for the renewable energy tariff, and any provisions to exclude


installations accredited under the renewables obligation;



the terms and duration of the renewable energy tariff arrangements;



how the amount of energy produced and upon which the renewable


energy tariff is payable shall be measured, determined or deemed;



provisions for the regulation of renewable energy tariff arrangements by


a designated body;



provision for the Secretary of State to report periodically on the


effectiveness of the regulations made hereunder;



any necessary amendment to distribution licences or supply licences held


by any person; and



such other provisions as may be required for the efficient, cost-effective


and transparent operation of the renewable energy tariff.



Before making regulations under this section, the Secretary of State must





the Authority;



the energy suppliers to whom the proposed order may apply;



representatives of renewable energy producers to whom the proposed


order would apply; and



such other persons, if any, as he considers appropriate.



Regulations under this section shall not be made unless a draft of the instrument


containing it has been laid before, and approved by a resolution of, each House of




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