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Tuesday 22nd April 2008


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1461-63, 1473 and 1719-20


Consideration of Bill


Energy Bill, As Amended


Duty to protect public health


Dr Brian Iddon




To move the following Clause:—



The Electricity Act 1889 (c. 29) is amended as follows.



In section 3D(2) (exceptions from sections 3A to 3C) delete the words “or 37”.



In section 29 (regulations relating to supply and safety), after subsection (2)(g)





specify the distance at which any new high voltage line should be


installed from any existing development.”.



In Schedule 8 (consents under sections 36 and 37) at the end of paragraph 2(1)


insert “and the Health Protection Agency.”.



In Schedule 8 (consents under sections 36 and 37) in paragraph 2(2) after


“relevant planning authority” insert “or the Health Protection Agency”.



In Schedule 8 (consents under sections 36 and 37) after paragraph 2(6) insert—



In this Schedule “Health Protection Agency” has the same meaning as in


the Health Protection Agency Act 2004 (c. 17) and includes any


successor to its functions in respect of radiation.”.’.


Mr Mike Weir




Page  24,  line  44  [Clause  36],  leave out subsections (4) and (5).


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