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Finance Bill

Finance Bill
Schedule 46 — Government borrowing: alternative finance arrangements



Parliamentary scrutiny

16    (1)  

A statutory instrument containing regulations that amend or repeal an

enactment contained in an Act may not be made unless a draft has been laid

before, and approved by resolution of, the House of Commons.


Subject to that, a statutory instrument containing regulations is subject to


annulment in pursuance of a resolution of the House of Commons (unless a

draft of the statutory instrument has been approved by resolution of the

House of Commons).


17    (1)  

In this Schedule, a reference to a person other than the Treasury includes a


reference to—


a body corporate established by or under regulations, and


a company formed under the Companies Acts.


For the purposes of sub-paragraph (1)(b), it does not matter—


whether a company is formed specially in connection with the


raising of money through alternative finance arrangements,


whether a company is formed by the Treasury, or


whether a company is independent of the Treasury.


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