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Report Stage Proceedings: 27th October 2008              



Local Transport Bill [Lords], continued



Where the charging authority or any of the charging authorities are—



a local traffic authority for an area in England, or



an Integrated Transport Authority,



that authority or those authorities (acting alone or jointly) must consult


such local persons, and such representatives of local persons, as they


consider appropriate about the charging scheme.



In subsection (1A)—


“local persons” means any persons who are likely to be affected by, or


interested in, the making of the scheme;


“representatives” means any persons who appear to the charging authority


or charging authorities to be representative of local persons.



In any other case, the charging authority or the charging authorities


(acting jointly) may, at any time before an order making, varying or


revoking a charging scheme under this Part is made, consult such persons


as they consider appropriate about the charging scheme, variation or





Stephen Hammond


Mrs Theresa Villiers


Jeremy Wright


Not called  15


Page  89,  line  18,  leave out Clause 115.



Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  314


Page  94,  line  34  [Clause  124],  at end insert—



section [Financial penalty deposits: powers of vehicle examiners in





Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  264


Page  95,  line  7  [Clause  125],  leave out ‘, rules’.


Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  159


Page  95,  line  9  [Clause  125],  after ‘116’, insert ‘, [Street works: reinstatement and


remedial works]’.



Report Stage Proceedings: 27th October 2008              



Local Transport Bill [Lords], continued


Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  160


Page  115,  line  8  [Schedule  4],  at end insert—



In section 198(2) (interpretation of certain references to authority’s local


transport plan) for “the Passenger Transport Authority for the passenger


transport area” substitute “the Integrated Transport Authority for the integrated


transport area”.’.



Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  161


Page  126  [Schedule  7],  leave out line 35 and insert—


‘In section 198(2), the words from “and the councils”


to the end.’.



Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  265


Page  127,  line  7  [Schedule  7],  column (2), at end insert ‘In section 126(4)(a), the


words “or (as the case may be) paragraphs (a) to (d) of section 124(1A)”.’.



Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  162


Title,  line  8,  after ‘roads;’, insert ‘to make provision about the meaning of “street works”


and “street works licence” in Part 3 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991;’.


Secretary Geoff Hoon


Agreed to  315


Title,  line  8,  after ‘2004’, insert ‘and section 90F of the Road Traffic Offenders Act




The Bill was read the third time, on division, and passed with amendments.


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