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payable to or in respect of persons who are or have been in the service of


the Commission.”


Page 52, line 24, leave out “employees of the Commission” and insert “staff


appointed under paragraph 10”

Schedule 6


Page 69, line 13, after first “tax,” insert “contributions,”


Page 69, line 21, at end insert—


    “( )  

In this paragraph, “contributions” means contributions under Part 1 of


the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 (c. 4).”

Schedule 7


Page 72, line 28, after ““court”” insert “(except for the purposes of subsection




Page 73, line 21, leave out “32D(2)(b),” and insert “32A to 32B, 32D to 32G,”


Page 73, line 28, leave out “39D(3), 39E(3),”


Page 73, line 28, after “39I,” insert “39O(4)”


Page 73, line 39, at end insert—


    “( )  

After that subsection insert—



No statutory instrument containing (whether alone or with other


provisions) regulations which by virtue of section 51A are to


have effect for a limited period shall be made unless a draft of the


instrument has been laid before Parliament and approved by a


resolution of each House of Parliament.””

Schedule 8


Page 80, line 4, at end insert—


Tribunals, Courts and

In Schedule 13, paragraphs 96 and 97.”


Enforcement Act 2007 (c. 15)


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