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Report Stage Proceedings: 8th October 2008              



Children and Young Persons Bill[ [], continued



the administration and procedures of a panel;



the appointment of members of a panel (including the


number, or any limit on the number, of members who may


be appointed and any conditions for appointment);



the payment of fees to members of a panel;



the duties of any person in connection with a review


conducted under the regulations;



the monitoring of any such reviews.



Regulations made by virtue of sub-paragraph (3)(e) may impose a


duty to pay to the appropriate national authority such sum as that


national authority may determine; but such a duty may not be


imposed upon a person who has applied for a review of a qualifying





The appropriate national authority must secure that, taking one


financial year with another, the aggregate of the sums which


become payable to it under regulations made by virtue of sub-


paragraph (4) does not exceed the cost to it of performing its


independent review functions.



The appropriate national authority may make an arrangement with


an organisation under which independent review functions are


performed by the organisation on the national authority’s behalf.



If the appropriate national authority makes such an arrangement


with an organisation, the organisation is to perform its functions


under the arrangement in accordance with any general or special


directions given by that national authority.



The arrangement may include provision for payments to be made to


the organisation by the appropriate national authority.



Payments made by the appropriate national authority in accordance


with such provision shall be taken into account in determining (for


the purpose of sub-paragraph (5)) the cost to that national authority


of performing its independent review functions.



Where the Welsh Ministers are the appropriate national authority,


sub-paragraphs (6) and (8) also apply as if references to an


organisation included references to the Secretary of State.



In this paragraph—


  “financial year” means a period of twelve months ending with 31st




  “independent review function” means a function conferred or


imposed on a national authority by regulations made by virtue of


sub-paragraph (1)(b);


  “organisation” includes a public body and a private or voluntary





Regulations under section 23(2)(a) may, in particular, also make


provision as to the circumstances in which local authorities may


make arrangements for duties imposed on them by the regulations


to be discharged on their behalf.”’.


Report Stage Proceedings: 8th October 2008              



Children and Young Persons Bill[ [], continued




John Austin


Not called  15


Title,  line  7,  after ‘adoption;’, insert ‘to make provision about the power of parents to use




Mr Kevin Barron


Julie Morgan


John Bercow


Annette Brooke


Mr Elfyn Llwyd


Dr Richard Taylor


Natascha Engel


Mr Martin Caton


Not called  16


Title,  line  7,  after ‘adoption;’, insert ‘to abolish corporal punishment of children;’.


Tim Loughton


Miss Julie Kirkbride


Mr Edward Timpson


Mr Andrew Turner


Angela Watkinson


Not selected  17


Title,  line  7,  after ‘adoption;’, insert ‘to make provision for the establishment of a chief


social worker;’.


Bill, as amended, read the third time, and passed.


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