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Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 20th November 2008      



Political Parties and Elections Bill, continued



A returning officer must not reveal the full home address of a candidate


to a third party and must take such steps as are necessary to prevent this


information being made public.”.



In paragraph 8, after sub-paragraph (3)(c) there is inserted—



shall not state the candidate’s home address.”.



In paragraph 14, sub-paragraph (2), for “addresses” there is substituted “partial


postcode of home address”.



In the Appendix of forms, the “Form of nomination paper” is amended as





In the fourth column of the first row, for ‘Home address in full’


there is substituted ‘Partial postcode of home address’;



In the fourth column of the second row, for ‘52 George Street,


Bristol’ there is substituted ‘BS20’.”.



In the Appendix of forms the “Form of Ballot Paper” is amended by omitting all


the house numbers and street names of the candidates on the form.’.



Mr Michael Wills


Agreed to  129


Title,  line  2,  at end insert ‘and electoral registration’.



Mr Michael Wills


Agreed to


That certain written evidence already reported to the House be appended to the


proceedings of the Committee.


Bill, as amended, to be reported.


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