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14 Jan 2008 : Column 931W—continued

A programme of maintenance work is being developed for the forthcoming year. In addition a further audit will be commissioned early in the 2008-09 financial year which will focus on the scope for improving access to courtrooms and juror areas.

14 Jan 2008 : Column 932W

Crown Courts

Mr. Malins: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice (1) in what percentage of criminal cases in the Crown courts in England and Wales there was a change of plea to guilty at the start of the trial in the last 12 months for which figures are available; [178100]

(2) what percentage of prosecutions in magistrates courts in England and Wales resulted in dismissal following the Crown offering no evidence at the start of the trial in the last 12 months for which figures are available. [178101]

Maria Eagle: During the 12 month period ending in November 2007 there was a late change of plea to guilty at the start of the trial in 25.9 per cent. of all cases listed for trial (9,662 of 37,266) in the Crown courts in England and Wales. This figure includes all trials where a late guilty plea was entered in respect of the original charge, but not those where the prosecution accepted a guilty plea in respect of an alternative charge.

During the same period, 5.5 per cent. of all trials (10,399 out of 189,138) recorded in the magistrates courts in England and Wales did not proceed owing to the prosecution ending the case because of insufficient evidence.

Departmental Consultants

Mr. Garnier: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice how many outside consultants were employed by his Department to provide (a) advice and (b) design services for the (i) NOMIS programme, (ii) C-NOMIS, (iii) LIDS, (iv) Data Share, (v) OASys and (vi) CRAMS; and what the cost of each contract was to his Department. [178311]

Mr. Hanson: The NOMIS programme consists of:

This response considers these, but does not cover legacy systems such as LIDS, existing OASys systems and the existing CRAMS, which are all outside the NOMIS Programme. Advisory and design expenditure around such legacy systems is understandably limited.

The NOMIS programme has so far this financial year employed five firms for providing advice and 15 firms for providing design services. The numbers cover firms directly employed and exclude those engaged through a subcontracting route.

The NOMIS programme is about the development and associated implementation of new systems and so most of the expenditure can be considered as relating to design activity, especially as a full implementation has not yet been commenced for any of its elements. The total amount expensed by the programme with
14 Jan 2008 : Column 933W
firms providing just advisory services in the nine months to the end of December 2007 is estimated at £0.6 million.

The cost of each contract is commercially confidential and therefore this information is not provided.

Until recently the focus of the NOMIS Programme has principally been on C-NOMIS and so nearly all the expenditure, and hence numbers of firms employed, are attributable to it. One firm providing limited design services to the redeveloped OASys is not though engaged on the C-NOMIS project. The other parts of the NOMIS Programme have also involved discussions with various potential parties but have not involved the employment of additional advisors or designers.

Departmental Labour Turnover

Mr. Philip Hammond: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice what the percentage turnover of staff was in (a) his Department and (b) his Department's agencies in (i) the last 12-month period and (ii) the last 24-month period for which figures are available. [169040]

Maria Eagle: The percentage turnover rate for (i) the last 12 months and (ii) the last 24 months of staff for the Ministry of Justice headquarters and its agencies is detailed in the following tables.

(a) Percentage staff turnover rate for Ministry of Justice headquarter s
(i) Covering 12-month annualised period (ii) Covering 24-month annualised period

Ministry of Justice (excluding agencies)



Office for Criminal Justice Reform



National Offender Management Service



(1) The figures for the National Offender Management Service and Office for Criminal Justice Reform are included in the response to this question from the Home Office.

14 Jan 2008 : Column 934W

(b) Percentage staff turnover rate for Ministry of Justice agencies
(i) Covering 12-month period annualised (ii) Covering 24-month period annualised

Her Majesty's Prisons Service



Her Majesty's Courts Service



Office of the Public Guardian



Tribunals Service



Scotland Office and offices of Advocate General



Wales Office



Land Registry



National Archives



Departmental Manpower

Mr. Hayes: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice how many and what proportion of his Department's staff are employed within each salary band; what the title and role of each position within each salary band is; and for each salary band what the (a) bonus structure, (b) retirement provision, (c) expenses provision, (d) total expenses incurred in each of the last 10 years, (e) average age of employee, (f) number of (i) women and (ii) men and (g) ethnic composition is. [171402]

Maria Eagle: Table A has been collated to show grade bands and job roles; each of the grade bands/job roles command different levels of remuneration dependent on responsibility levels, economic factors and department/agency within the Ministry of Justice.

The narrative provides a response to (a) bonus structure (b) retirement provision (c) expense provision (d) total expenses incurred.

Table B sets out the percentage of staff employed within each of the salary bands together with information in respect of (e) average age of employee (f) number of (i) women and (ii) men and (g) ethnic composition

The Ministry of Justice salary bands are based on responsibility level as detailed in the following table. The precise roles performed by staff within each band is not recorded centrally.

14 Jan 2008 : Column 935W

14 Jan 2008 : Column 936W

14 Jan 2008 : Column 937W

14 Jan 2008 : Column 938W
Table A
Former DCA (incl. HMCS, Tribunals Service, PGO, HQ and associated offices) Former DCA (inc HMCS, Tribunals Service, PGO, HQ and associated offices) Home Office Prison Service
New Bands Examples Examples Examples

SCS Pay band 1/1A

Deputy Director

SCS Pay band 2


SCS Pay band 3


Band A

Senior Manager

Grade 6/7

Medical Officer



Regional HR Business Partner

Senior Manager A

Regional Manager Estates

Senior Manager B

Probate Registrar

Senior Manager C

Regional Manager Performance

Senior Manager D

Senior Policy Worker

Senior Medical Officer

Medical Officer PT

Band B

Senior Manager


Chaplain 1 and 2

Area HR Business Partner

Manager E

Court Manager

Manager F

Policy Officer

Nursing Grades

Finance Manager


Band C

Section Leader



Court Manager

Manager G


Medical Technical Officer Grade 8

Budget Manager

Nursing Grades

Project Officer


Band D

Court Manager


Assistant Chaplain

1st Line Manager

Catering Manager

Judges Clerk

EO/TUPE Transfer/IG1

Project Officer

Farm and Gardens Grades

Bailiff Manager


Personal Assistant

Instructional Officer

Medical Technical Officer Grade 5

Nursing Grades

Pharmacist/ Pharmacy Technician

Principal Officer

Prof and Tech Officer

Scientific Officer

Senior Personal Secretary

Stores Officer C, D

Trainee Psychologist

Typing Manager / Senior Officer

Band E

Team Worker 2/Admin Officer




Catering Manager

Senior Usher


Medical Technical Officer Grade 4

Nursing Grades

Personal Secretary


Prison Officer / IDS

Psychologist Assistant

Senior Officer

Senior Officer IDS

Support Grade Band 1

Technical Grade 1 IG 2,3

Band F





Assistant Storeperson

Admin Support



Medical Technical Officer


Night Patrol


Nursing Grades




Typist / Support Grade Band 2

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