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29 Feb 2008 : Column 2002W—continued

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Plastics: Recycling

Sarah Teather: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what records his Department holds on (a) which local authorities collect mixed plastic for recycling and (b) what recycling method is used after collection from residents in each case. [188864]

Joan Ruddock: “Mixed plastics” is a term used within the recycling sector to refer to plastic packaging other than plastic bottles.

DEFRA does not hold records on which local authorities collect mixed plastics for recycling or what method of recycling is used after collection.

Local authorities report the tonnages they collect for recycling, which includes plastics, to WasteDataFlow. However, it is not possible to differentiate mixed plastics from other types of plastic collections in this data source.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is undertaking trials with a number of technologies aimed at understanding the best ways to handle mixed plastics from an environmental, economical and technological perspective. The programme is investigating three main areas: collection, reprocessing, and end markets. Different recycling and recovery options are being considered as part of this work.

WRAP and Recoup conduct an annual survey of local authorities which gathers data on waste plastics collections. The 2008 survey will be undertaken shortly, and will include specific questions on mixed plastics.
29 Feb 2008 : Column 2003W
When the data from this survey has been analysed, it should provide more information on those local authorities collecting mixed plastics.

Waste Management: Standards

Lynne Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs when he expects to publish the individual results for each of the Business Resource Efficiency and Waste partners for 2005-06 and 2006-07. [189260]

Joan Ruddock: We expect the 2005-06 results from individual delivery bodies delivering the Business Resource Efficiency and Waste (BREW) programme to be published in March. We plan to publish aggregated results for 2006-07 around the same time, followed by individual delivery body results by late summer. I will arrange for copies of both sets of results to be placed in the House Library when they are available.

Lynne Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what the criteria for funding agreements are with each of the Business Resource Efficiency and Waste partners for 2007-08. [189261]

Joan Ruddock: In developing the Business Resource Efficiency and Waste Programme (BREW), DEFRA has sought the views of various business and environment stakeholders including the Confederation of British Industry, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Green Alliance. With regard to planning for the year 2007-08 of the programme, these and other organisations were invited to a stakeholder event (held in May 2006) followed by a consultation on specific proposals for activity (from October to November 2006). These various dialogues helped inform the overall coverage of the programme.

In addition, DEFRA and HM Treasury have established programme criteria, which must be met before funds can be granted for activities. BREW funding:

(i) can only be spent in England (except under the circumstances outlined below);

(ii) can only be used to support measures related to business; it cannot be used to support local authorities, or organisations whose waste is treated as 'household waste' (e.g. schools), except under the circumstances outlined in the following paragraph;

(iii) must provide additional value (against a 2004/5 baseline) and not displace other sources of funding in order to meet the above conditions; and

(iv) should provide a potential benefit to those sectors paying landfill tax and where possible address those sectors most affected by landfill tax increases.

Exceptions to the conditions described above are that:

(a) BREW funding may be used to fund a programme that is located outside England or would also have benefits outside England, providing that the target of the programme is England and primary benefits are to business in England; and it would be impractical to run the programme without such external benefits occurring;

29 Feb 2008 : Column 2004W

(b) BREW funding can be used to involve local authorities in a programme where such involvement provides significant benefits to business rather than the local authority.


Armed Forces: Administration of Justice

Dr. Murrison: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence pursuant to the answer of 30 January 2008, Official Report, column 364W, on armed forces: inquests, how much was spent on legal representation and advice on each coroner's case heard in which legal proceedings are complete in each year. [186703]

Mr. Bob Ainsworth: The amount spent on each coroner’s case heard in England and Wales for each year in which the inquest has completed is as follows:

29 Feb 2008 : Column 2005W
Name Date of inquest Costs (£)


CplM Phillips and Rifleman I Coman

March 2003



Sapper L M Passmore

July 2004


Cpl J M Pears

8 November 204


Cpl T Rees

August 2004


Pte D J Shipley

August 2004


LBdr S A Walmsley

2 November 2004



MEM G J Benton

9 February 2005


Lt J Christie

22 May 2005


Lt Col Van der Horst

8 November 2005


LBdr R Wilson

13 December 2005


Cdre D White

29 September 2005



Gdsmn A J Wakefield

11 December 2006


RMP case:

March 2006


Sgt Hamilton- Jewell

Cpl Aston

Cpl Long

Cpl Miller

LCpl Hyde

LCpl Keys

Pte J Collinson

20 February 2006


LCpl A J Craw

8 January 2006


Fus S Henderson

27 November 2006


Capt Holmes and Pte Ellis

27 November 2006


Marine C Maddison

20 November 2006


Fit Lt Main and Fit Lt Williams

30 October 2006


Sig D W Didsbury

15 January 2006


Sgt S Roberts

11 December 2006


Pte J G Smith

6 November 2006


Fus S Manning S and Fus D

15 November 2006




Cpl G Pritchard

10 September 2007


LCpl Brackenbury

14 September 2007


LCpl Hetherington

25 September 2007


Pte Wysoczan

25 July 2007


Sgt W J D McLellan

25 January 2007


Lt McCaulay

12 March 2007


Fus G Gentle

29 October 2007


Cpl S Albutt

5 February 2007


2nd Lt Shearer, Pte Spicer and Pte Hewett

30 January 2007


LCoH M Hull

12 March 2007


Cpl Thorpe and LCpl Hashmi

11 October 2007


Lynx crash:

21 June 2007


Wg Cdr Coxen

Fit Lt Mulvihill

Capt Dobson

Marine Collins

Lt Cdr Chapman

Pte Morris and Pte Lewaicei

28 February 2007


Major Ward

16 April 2007


Cpl Cosby

15 October 2007


LCpl Nicholls, 2nd Lt Johnson and Capt Eida

17 September 2007


LCpl L McCulloch

28 November 2007


In some cases where inquests have completed, there may be future small residual charges made to close files.

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