15 May 2008 : Column 19P

15 May 2008 : Column 19P


Thursday 15 May 2008


Home Department

Immigration (Adela Mahoro Mugabo)

The Petition of the Mahoro Must Stay Campaign,

Declares that Adela Mahoro Mugabo, who is to be removed to Rwanda, is the widow of a man murdered in 2002 by the Interharamwe Hutus, and as a Hutu herself was accused by the Rwandan Military Intelligence of covering up for her husband’s murderers. The Petitioners further declare that Mahoro was tortured and raped, and is now HIV-positive, and that if she is returned to
15 May 2008 : Column 20P
Rwanda she will still be in danger and will be unable to get the anti-retroviral drugs she needs to survive.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Home Secretary to instruct a reconsideration of the Home Office decision and allow Adela Mahoro Mugabo to stay in the UK, a safe environment in which she will be able to lead a healthy life.

And the Petitioners remain, etc. —[Presented by Mr. John Leech , Official Report, 28 January 2008; Vol. 471, c. 138 .] [P000114]

Observations from the Secretary of State for the Home Department:

The Government is unable to comment on the individual case in order to protect the privacy of the individual.

The information that has been submitted will be fully considered by the UK Border Agency against our traditions and obligations of providing humanitarian protection to those who need it.

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