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6 October 2008


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Column: 1P

Petitions [6 October 2008]

Planning and Development (Hampshire)

Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform [6 October 2008]

Post Office Closures (Essex)

Column: 2P

Column: 3P

Post Office Closures (Halifax)

Column: 4P

Post Office Closures (Merseyside)

Column: 5P

Column: 6P

Post Office Closures (Shropshire)

Column: 7P

Column: 8P

Column: 9P

Communities and Local Government [6 October 2008]

Car Boot Sale (Catchpenny Farm)

Column: 10P

Planning and Development (Essex)

Column: 11P

Planning and Development (Salisbury)

Column: 12P

Culture, Media and Sport [6 October 2008]

Digital Television Switchover

Column: 13P

Defence [6 October 2008]

Admiral John Byng

Column: 14P

Gurkhas (Citizenship and Pensions)

Column: 15P

Column: 16P

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [6 October 2008]

Sea Defences

Column: 17P

Column: 18P

Home Department [6 October 2008]

Immigration (John and Stella Park)

Column: 19P

Perry Family (Citizenship)

Justice [6 October 2008]

Sentencing (Dangerous Driving)

Column: 20P

Transport [6 October 2008]

Driving Test Centre (Spalding)

Column: 21P

Column: 22P

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Column: 23P

Planning and Development (Heathrow)

Road Safety (Norfolk)

Column: 24P

Traffic Noise (M3)

Column: 25P

Work and Pensions [6 October 2008]

Post Office Closures (Cheshire)

Column: 26P

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