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Volume No. 480Part No. 145

Westminster Hall Debates 15 October 2008

Westminster Hall
British Business (China)
Rugby League
Learning Difficulties (NHS Treatment)
Sheep (Electronic Identification)
Refractory Angina

This Table of Contents lists column numbers, headings, time lines and names of Members in the Commons Hansard Debates text for 15 October 2008

Volume No. 480Part No. 145

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Column: 257WH

Column: 257WH

Westminster Hall [15 Oct 2008]

[Mr. Eric Illsley]

British Business (China) [15 Oct 2008]

9.30 am

Mr. Eric Illsley (in the Chair):

Mr. Bill Olner (Nuneaton) (Lab):

Column: 258WH

Mr. Mark Hendrick (Preston) (Lab/Co-op):

Mr. Olner:

Column: 259WH

Mr. Eric Illsley (in the Chair):

9.41 am

Mr. Mark Prisk (Hertford and Stortford) (Con):

Column: 260WH

Column: 261WH

Column: 262WH

9.52 am

Ben Chapman (Wirral, South) (Lab):

Column: 263WH

Column: 264WH

Column: 265WH

10.4 am

Mr. David Amess (Southend, West) (Con):

Mr. Graham Allen (Nottingham, North) (Lab):

Mr. Amess:

Column: 266WH

Mr. Eric Illsley (in the Chair):

10.11 am

Derek Wyatt (Sittingbourne and Sheppey) (Lab):

Column: 267WH

Column: 268WH

Mr. Hendrick:

Derek Wyatt:

10.19 am

Mr. Mark Hendrick (Preston) (Lab/Co-op):

Column: 269WH

Column: 270WH

10.26 am

Mr. Graham Allen (Nottingham, North) (Lab):

Column: 271WH

10.30 am

Mr. Jeremy Browne (Taunton) (LD):

Column: 272WH

Mr. Prisk:

Mr. Browne:

Column: 273WH

10.40 am

Mr. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Cotswold) (Con):

Column: 274WH

Column: 275WH

Column: 276WH

10.50 am

The Minister of State, Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (Mr. Pat McFadden):

Column: 277WH

Column: 278WH

Mr. Clifton-Brown:

Mr. McFadden:

Column: 279WH

Rugby League [15 Oct 2008]

11 am

Derek Twigg (Halton) (Lab):

Column: 280WH

Column: 281WH

Mr. Lindsay Hoyle (Chorley) (Lab):

Derek Twigg:

Column: 282WH

Mr. Hoyle:

Derek Twigg:

Column: 283WH

Column: 284WH

11.18 am

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (Mr. Gerry Sutcliffe):

Column: 285WH

Mr. Hoyle:

Mr. Sutcliffe:

Column: 286WH

Derek Twigg:

Mr. Sutcliffe:

Derek Twigg:

Mr. Sutcliffe:

Column: 287WH

Column: 288WH

11.30 am

Column: 289WH

Learning Difficulties (NHS Treatment) [15 Oct 2008]

2.30 pm

Mr. Richard Benyon (Newbury) (Con):

Column: 290WH

Column: 291WH

Column: 292WH

Column: 293WH

2.48 pm

Mr. Tom Clarke (Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill) (Lab):

Column: 294WH

Column: 295WH

Mr. Benyon:

Mr. Clarke:

3 pm

John Barrett (Edinburgh, West) (LD):

Column: 296WH

Column: 297WH

3.6 pm

Angela Browning (Tiverton and Honiton) (Con):

Column: 298WH

Column: 299WH

Column: 300WH

Mr. Stephen O'Brien (Eddisbury) (Con):

Angela Browning:

3.19 pm

Martin Horwood (Cheltenham) (LD):

Column: 301WH

Column: 302WH

Column: 303WH

Column: 304WH

3.29 pm

Sandra Gidley (Romsey) (LD):

Column: 305WH

Column: 306WH

3.40 pm

Mr. Stephen O'Brien (Eddisbury) (Con):

Column: 308WH

Column: 309WH

Column: 310WH

4.50 pm

The Minister of State, Department of Health (Dawn Primarolo):

Column: 311WH

Column: 312WH

Column: 313WH

Sheep (Electronic Identification) [15 Oct 2008]

3.59 pm

Mark Williams (Ceredigion) (LD):

Column: 314WH

Albert Owen (Ynys Môn) (Lab):

Mark Williams:

Mr. David Jones (Clwyd, West) (Con):

Mark Williams:

Column: 315WH

Mr. Elfyn Llwyd (Meirionnydd Nant Conwy) (PC):

Mark Williams:

Lembit Öpik (Montgomeryshire) (LD):

Mark Williams:

Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale) (LD)

Column: 316WH

Mark Williams:

Tim Farron:

Mark Williams:

Column: 317WH

Column: 318WH

Joan Walley (in the Chair):

4.16 pm

Mr. Roger Williams (Brecon and Radnorshire) (LD):

4.18 pm

The Minister of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Jane Kennedy):

Column: 319WH

Lembit Öpik:

Jane Kennedy:

Column: 320WH

Mark Williams:

Column: 321WH

Jane Kennedy:

Column: 322WH

Refractory Angina [15 Oct 2008]

4.30 pm

Mr. George Howarth (Knowsley, North and Sefton, East) (Lab):

Column: 323WH

Column: 324WH

Column: 325WH

Mr. Edward O'Hara (Knowsley, South) (Lab):

Mr. Howarth:

4.46 pm

Column: 326WH

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Ann Keen):

Column: 327WH

Column: 328WH

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