Graham Stuart


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).
26 November 2008
Academies: Truancy
BBC: Internet
25 November 2008
Academies: Admissions
Academies: Higher Education
Academies: Local Education Authorities
Academies: Pupil Exclusions
Academies: Sponsorship
Academies: Standards
Supply Teachers: Yorkshire and the Humber
Teachers: Sick Leave
16 October 2008
Environment Agency: Finance
13 October 2008
Environment Agency: Pumps
9 October 2008
Floods: River Humber
8 October 2008
Head Teachers: Temporary Employment
Jobseeker's Allowance
Pupil Exclusions: Yorkshire and the Humber
Teachers: Manpower
Teachers: Qualifications
Teachers: Sick Leave
Teachers: Vacancies
6 October 2008
Classroom Assistants: Manpower
Pupil Exclusions
Schools: Standards
Teachers: Males
Teachers: Training
Training and Development Agency for Schools: Location
Truancy: Yorkshire and the Humber
10 September 2008
Training and Development Agency for Schools: Finance
Training and Development Agency for Schools: Manpower
21 July 2008
Military Bases
10 June 2008
Housing Benefit: East Riding of Yorkshire
6 June 2008
Pupils: Assessments
4 June 2008
Council Tax: Armed Forces
3 June 2008
Alcoholic Drinks: Young People
2 June 2008
Departmental Public Participation
Teachers: Qualifications
Teachers: Training
22 May 2008
Planning Permission: Schools
Schools: Planning Permission
19 May 2008
Absenteeism: Yorkshire and the Humber
Ambulance Services
Pupils: Absenteeism
Supply Teachers: Finance
Teachers: Training
7 May 2008
World War II: Medals
1 May 2008
Farms: Official Visits
Pitt Review
29 April 2008
Adjudicator's Office
Adjudicator's Office: Complaints
Adjudicator's Office: Finance
Adjudicator's Office: Manpower
Income Tax: Tax Rates and Bands
Teachers: Yorkshire and the Humber
28 April 2008
Teachers: Labour Turnover
23 April 2008
Financial Inclusion Fund: Citizens Advice Bureaux
Railways: Expenditure
21 April 2008
Crimes of Violence: North East
Education: Finance
Financial Inclusion Fund
Offensive Weapons: Yorkshire and Humberside
Schools: Swimming
Science: General Certificate of Secondary Education
Teachers: Qualifications
3 April 2008
Railways: Yorkshire and the Humber
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Yorkshire and Humberside
1 April 2008
Health Services: Yorkshire and Humberside
31 March 2008
Transport: Finance
Yorkshire and Humberside
27 March 2008
Roads: Accidents
26 March 2008
Maternity Benefits
25 March 2008
Genetics: Databases
20 March 2008
Flood Control
18 March 2008
Humber Bridge
17 March 2008
Railway Stations
Trams: Leeds
Transport: Yorkshire and the Humber
13 March 2008
12 March 2008
Humber Bridge: Tolls
Income Tax: East Riding
Post Offices: Yorkshire and the Humber
11 March 2008
Alcoholic Drinks: Licensing
10 March 2008
Alcoholic Drinks: Death
Humber Bridge: Debts
Regional Planning and Development: Yorkshire and the Humber
Visits: Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber
6 March 2008
A1079: Accidents
4 March 2008
Dredging: Gravel
Teachers: Labour Turnover
3 March 2008
Free School Meals
18 February 2008
Jobseeker's Allowance: Disqualification
7 February 2008
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust: Clostridium
31 January 2008
Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust: Alcoholic Drinks
30 January 2008
Fuel Poverty
General Practitioners: Yorkshire and Humberside
28 January 2008
Pupils: Per Capita Costs
25 January 2008
Community Support Officers: Humberside
10 January 2008
Personal Income: Yorkshire and Humber
8 January 2008
7 January 2008
Humberside Police Authority
18 December 2007
Central Heating: Yorkshire and Humber
Unemployment: Yorkshire and Humber
17 December 2007
Welfare Tax Credits: Yorkshire and Humber
13 December 2007
Community Care: Direct Payments
6 December 2007
Supply Teachers: Yorkshire and the Humber
5 December 2007
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus: Yorkshire and Humberside
3 December 2007
Transport: Finance
20 November 2007
General Practitioners: Telephone Services
NHS: Telephone Services
14 November 2007
Local Government: Manpower
Transport: Yorkshire and Humberside