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Economic and monetary union

Economic situation

    Northern Ireland 454w

    Queen's speech (14.11.2007) 688-789


    Planning permission 116w

Edgware Hospital


    English language 815

    Queen's speech (13.11.2007) 552-642

Education maintenance allowance

Educational institutions

    Ministers of religion 57w

Educational psychology

Educational visits

Efford, Clive

                  Chamber Debates


    Unemployment, Young people 660


    Care homes see Care homes

    Health services 286w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 399w


Electoral Commission

    Official hospitality 684w

Electric cables

    Property development 785w


Electricity generation

Ellesmere Port

Ellman, Mrs Louise

                  Chamber Debates

    Shields, Michael (20.11.2007) 1161-4


    British Council, Vetting 389w

    Business questions 828

    Palestinians, Politics and government 1090-1

    Schools, Religion 662

Ellwood, Tobias

                  Chamber Debates

    Pakistan, Politics and government (07.11.2007) 141

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Horse racing, Betting (21.11.2007) 129-32wh


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 1022w

    Afghanistan, Railways 929w

    Aircraft carriers 889w

    Bournemouth Airport 1045w

    British Library 657w

    Exservicemen, Suicide 54w

    Film, Festivals and special occasions 660w

    Pakistan, Overseas residence 111w

    Red Arrows, Finance 129w

    Schools, Finance 644w

    Sudan, Peacekeeping operations 1033w

    VisitBritain, Finance 7-8w


Employment agencies



Engel, Natascha


    Schools, Finance 392


English language

    British nationality 301w

Ennis, Jeff

                  Chamber Debates

    Avian influenza, East of England (13.11.2007) 547


    Arts Council of England, Grants 546w


Entry clearances

    Overseas visitors 38w

Environment Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee

    (08.11.2007) 369

Environment protection

    Queen's speech (08.11.2007) 260-369

Environmental Audit Select Committee

    (08.11.2007) 369

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental Pollution Royal Commission

Equal pay

Equalities Office

    see Government Equalities Office


Equality 2025



    Crown Prosecution Service 687w


Ethnic groups

EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council

EU Competitiveness Council

EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council

EU Education Youth and Culture Council

EU General Affairs and External Relations Council

EU Justice and Home Affairs Council

EU rapid reaction force

EU-Africa Lisbon Summit

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