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Global navigation satellite systems


    Local area agreements 886w

Goggins, Paul, Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Chamber Debates

    Police, Northern Ireland (21.11.2007) 1311-4


    Animal welfare, Northern Ireland 1099w

    Antisocial behaviour, Northern Ireland 909w

    Burglary, Northern Ireland 452w

    Community development, Northern Ireland 233w

    Community policing, Northern Ireland 453w

    Community support officers, Northern Ireland 233w

    Crimes against the person, Northern Ireland 453-4w

    Economic situation, Northern Ireland 454w

    Hazelwood Integrated Primary School, Walls and fences 691w

    Nuclear power stations, Northern Ireland 655-6

    Official hospitality, Northern Ireland Office 453w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 234w, 455w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Telephone services 909-10w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Training 30-1w

    Prison accommodation, Northern Ireland 692w

    Prisoners, Northern Ireland 910-1w

    Prostitution, Northern Ireland 456w

    Seas and oceans, Northern Ireland 690w

    Sexual offences, Northern Ireland 456w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 647-9

    Vetting, Northern Ireland 910w

Goldsworthy, Julia

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Jobcentre Plus, Information and communications technology 914-5w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 927-8w

Goodman, Helen, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess (08.11.2007) 374-6


    Consultants, Leader of the House of Commons 537w

    Flexible working, Leader of the House of Commons 537w

    Legislation, Public participation 933-6w

    Members, Allowances 538w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Leader of the House of Commons 538-9w

    Official hospitality, Leader of the House of Commons 366w

    Parliamentary year 366w

    Public participation, Leader of the House of Commons 840w

    Recruitment, Leader of the House of Commons 840w

    Written questions, Prorogation 539w

Goodman, Mr Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism, Points of order (21.11.2007) 1189


    Asylum, Applications 498w

    Business questions 256

    Educational institutions, Ministers of religion 57w

    Entry clearances, Applications 1037-8w

    Entry clearances, Married people 1038-40w

    Members, Correspondence 886w

    Students, Grants 450w

Goodwill, Robert



Gospel Oak-Barking railway line

Gould Review

Gove, Michael

                  Chamber Debates


    School leaving, EC nationals 630w

    Young people, EC nationals 583w

Young people, Unemployment 958-64w

Governing bodies

Government bills

Government Car and Despatch Agency

    Postal services 460w

Government Decontamination Service

Government Equalities Office

Government securities

Government Technical Assistance Centre

    see National Technical Assistance Centre



    Parental responsibility 955

Gray, Mr James

                  Chamber Debates

    Hospitals, Infectious diseases (21.11.2007) 1261

Grayling, Chris

                  Chamber Debates


    New deal schemes, Contracts 35-6w

    Public sector, Manpower 403-4w

Great Western Trains

Greater London

    Apprentices 815

    Digital switchover help scheme 659-60w

    Travel information 239w

Greater Manchester

    Mental health services 832w

Green, Mr Damian

                  Chamber Debates

    Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Supplementary Provisions) Bill, 2R (20.11.2007) 1121, 1142-5, 1158

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Detainees, Children (20.11.2007) 54-7wh


    Borders, Personal records 946-7w

    British Transport Police, Manpower 90w

    British Transport Police, Training 457w

    Detention centres, Per capita costs 503w

    Entry clearances 559w

    Entry clearances, Overseas students 501w

    Freedom of information, Home Office 303-5w

    Immigration controls, Channel tunnel railway line 301w

    Immigration officers, Heathrow Airport 306w

Greenhouse gas emissions

Greening, Justine

                  Chamber Debates

    Police, Points of order (15.11.2007) 833

    Queen's speech (14.11.2007) 757


    Apprentices, Greater London 815

    Aviation, Noise 667w

    Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 756-7w

    Departmental responsibilities, Treasury 702w

    Metropolitan Police, Manpower 1074-5w

    Public expenditure, Treasury 703-4w

    Temporary employment, Treasury 703w

Grieve, Mr Dominic

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen's speech (07.11.2007) 147


Griffith, Nia

                  Chamber Debates

    European Communities (Finance) Bill, 2R (19.11.2007) 1054-6

    Queen's speech (13.11.2007) 601-2


    Business questions 1343

    Credit unions 951

    Social security benefits, Wales 1176

Griffiths, Nigel

                  Chamber Debates

    Child benefit, Personal records (20.11.2007) 1113-4

Grogan, Mr John

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Horse racing, Betting (21.11.2007) 135wh


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