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Djanogly, Mr Jonathan

                  Chamber Debates

    Political parties, Finance (04.12.2007) 717, 738-41


    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 1101w

    Companies Act 2006 113w

    Companies House, Information and communications technology 895w



Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body

Dodds, Mr Nigel


    Administration of justice, Northern Ireland 788-9w

    Assets Recovery Agency, Belfast 634w

    Crimes against property, Northern Ireland 794-6w

    Elderly, Crimes of violence 1472-3w

    Equal opportunities, Northern Ireland 793-4w

    Iraq, Christianity 346w

    Manpower, Northern Ireland Office 790w

    Missing persons, Northern Ireland 1210-1w

    Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Expenditure 1211w

    Offensive weapons, Belfast 787-8w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 1211-4w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Training 795-6w

    Prisoners' release, Sexual offences 796-7w

    Proscribed organisations, Northern Ireland 290w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 1215w

Domestic safety

Domestic service

    Diplomatic service 219w

Domestic violence

    Prisoners' release 677w

Domestic visits

Domestic wastes


Donaghy Committee

    see Committee on Standards in Public Life


Doran, Mr Frank

                  Chamber Debates

    Sergeant at Arms, Retirement (06.12.2007) 997-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Remploy, Scotland Office 435w

    Tax yields, Offshore industry 540-1w

Dorrell, Rt Hon Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Child benefit, Personal records (28.11.2007) 305-6, 319-21

Dorries, Nadine

                  Chamber Debates


    Children, Poverty 824


Double Taxation Relief and International Tax Enforcement (Taxes on Income and Capital) (Faroes) Order 2007

                  Chamber Debates

    (27.11.2007) 254

Double Taxation Relief (Taxes on Income) (Switzerland) Order 2007

                  Chamber Debates

    (27.11.2007) 254

Drew, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Fisheries (06.12.2007) 1029

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Post offices, Closures (29.11.2007) 138wh


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 2w

    Armed forces, Housing 449w

    Avian influenza, Suffolk 506w

    Business questions 440

    Car allowances 63w

    Carbon emissions, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 738w

    Child benefit, Personal records 442-3w

    China, Human rights 1066w

    Driving offences, Gloucestershire 1183-4w

    Eritrea, Emigration 1428w

    Exservicemen, Military decorations 580w

    Fire services, Consultants 1153w

    Fire services, Finance 1154w

    Flood control 943

    Floods, Gloucestershire 1420w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 314w

    Housing, Low incomes 403w

    Housing, Standards 690w

    Land, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1239w

    Land, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 805w

    Land, Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 746w

    Land, Dept for International Development 913w

    Land, Dept for Transport 853w

    Land, Dept for Work and Pensions 884-5w

    Land, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1050-1w

    Land, Ministry of Defence 579w

    Macular degeneration, Research 1315-6w

    Nuclear power stations, Construction 595-6w

    Pakistan, Blasphemy 1059w

    Revenue and Customs, Bath 57-8w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 1204w

    Revenue and Customs, Stroud 1495w

    Saudi Arabia, Rape 350w

    Small businesses, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1416-7w

    Somalia, Politics and government 1305w

    Sudan, Armed conflict 324w

    Sudan, Legal systems 1306w

    Sudan, Politics and government 350w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 615w, 1267-8w

    Train to gain programme, Gloucestershire 757-8w

    Uganda, Peace negotiations 1064w

    Vocational training, Gloucestershire 1455w

    Waste management 518w

    Waste management, Gloucestershire 319w

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Driving offences

Driving under influence

    Northern Ireland 791w

Drug seizures


    Rehabilitation centres 1014w

    TRIPS Agreement 324w

    Young offenders 870w

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