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Duddridge, James

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Burma, Overseas aid (06.12.2007) 326wh


    Spinal injuries 259w

Duncan, Alan


    Office of Fair Trading, Manpower 124w

    Orders and regulations, Dept for Children Schools and Families 931-2w

    Orders and regulations, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 9w

    Orders and regulations, Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 747w

    Orders and regulations, Dept for Transport 296w

    Orders and regulations, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 344w

    Orders and regulations, Ministry of Justice 76-7w

    Orders and regulations, Treasury 49w

    Renewable energy, Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 115w

    Royal Mail, Finance 125w

    Royal Mail, Industrial disputes 119w

Dunne, Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Child benefit, Personal records (28.11.2007) 308, 339-40

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (04.12.2007) 764


    Child benefit, Personal records 1488w

    Local government finance 404w

    Public sector, Pensions 423-4

    Pupils, Per capita costs 822

Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth

                  Chamber Debates

    Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill, Rep and 3R (03.12.2007) 617, 620

Durkan, Mark



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