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ICL Plastics

Iddon, Dr Brian

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing and Regeneration Bill, 2R (27.11.2007) 215-8

    Local government finance (06.12.2007) 989

    Middle East, Peace negotiations (28.11.2007) 295


Identity cards

Identity Management Public Private Forum

Illegal immigrants

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 809w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1301w

    Ministry of Justice 1259w

    Northern Ireland Office 793w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 799w

Illsley, Mr Eric

                  Chamber Debates

    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse (06.12.2007) 1009-13

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Further education, South Yorkshire (28.11.2007) 67-73wh, 75wh


    Alcoholic drinks, Supermarkets 276

    Youth services, Finance 131


    Disability living allowance 886-7w


Immigration controls

Immigration officers

    Heathrow Airport 185w


Incapacity benefit

    Overseas residence 888w

Income support

Income tax


    Medical equipment 557w

Independent Regulator for NHS Foundation Trusts

    see Monitor


Indian subcontinent

    Nuclear disarmament 1301w

Industrial diseases

Industrial disputes

Industrial health and safety

Industrial injuries

    Young offender institutions 493w

INF Treaty

Infant mortality

Infectious diseases


Information and communications technology

    Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission 1284w

    Companies House 895w

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 405-6w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1092w

    Dept for International Development 321-3w

    Ministry of Defence 451w

    Northern Ireland Office 287w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 285w

    Police National Missing Persons Bureau 186-7w

    Revenue and Customs 587w

    Scotland Office 745w

Information Assurance Central Sponsor Unit

    see Central Sponsor for Information Assurance

Information Commissioner's Office

Information services

    Clinical trials 417w

Information Strategy Co-ordination Group

    Ministry of Defence 840w

Infrastructure Planning Commission

Inheritance tax

Inland Revenue and Customs Service

    see Revenue and Customs

Inland waterways

    Repairs and maintenance 1275w


    Departmental responsibilities 168w


    Armed forces 2w

Inspectorate of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals

    see Scientific Procedures Inspectorate

Institute for Animal Health

    Compton Berkshire 339w


Insurance companies

    Disclosure of information 392-3w

Intelligence services

Intensive care

Intercountry adoption

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Internally displaced persons

International baccalaureate

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    see World Bank

International cooperation

International law

International Monetary Fund


    Legal Services Commission 1260w




Invest to save budget

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