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Kidney, Mr David

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Armed forces, Catering 560

    Building regulations, Sustainable development 403w

    Energy, Conservation 1152w

    Food, Procurement 42w

    Strokes, Health services 823

Kids Company

Kilfoyle, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill, Rep and 3R (03.12.2007) 609, 614, 619-20

Kirkbride, Miss Julie

                  Chamber Debates

    Oral question time intervention (29.11.2007) 418

    Vocational training (26.11.2007) 28-9


    Bus services, Concessions 674

    Terrorism, Detainees 174w

Knife crimes

    see Offensive weapons

Knight, Rt Hon Greg


    Bridlington Hospital, Cleaning services 1309w

    EC educational policy 1370w

    Fireworks, Prosecutions 94-6w

    Health services, Overseas visitors 1011w

    Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright 515w

    M1, Motorway service areas 1070w

    Transport, Exhaust emissions 668

Knight, Jim, Minister of State, Dept for Children Schools and Families

                  Chamber Debates

    Apprentices (29.11.2007) 478


    Academies, Greater Manchester 919-20w

    Academies, Teachers 1365w

    Building schools for the future programme 920-2w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Children Schools and Families 936w

    EC educational policy 1370w

    Education maintenance allowance 1148-9w

    Educational institutions, Catering 1388w

    Educational institutions, Crime 937-8w

    General certificate of secondary education, Young offenders 1080-1w

    Gifted children, Greater London 1145-6w

    Gifted children, Romford 942w

    Headteachers, Qualifications 1371-2w

    International baccalaureate, Greater London 945-6w

    Languages, General certificate of secondary education 1146w

    Mathematics, GCE A-level 947w

    Mathematics, General certificate of secondary education 948w, 1373-4w

    Office for Standards in Education Children's Services and Skills 952-4w

    Primary education, Havering 269-70w

    Primary education, Teachers 1380w

    Programme for international student assessment 757w

    Public participation, Dept for Children Schools and Families 932w

    Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Expenditure 956w

    Religion, Curriculum 1148w

    Schools, Biometrics 973w

    Schools, Cooperation 974w

    Schools, Finance 976w

    Schools, Governing bodies 976-7w

    Schools, Translation services 981w

    Secondary education, Truancy 982w

    Special educational needs 1390w

    Supply teachers, Yorkshire and the Humber 1391-2w

    Teachers, Bureaucracy 1149w


    Peacekeeping operations 1408w

    Politics and government 1055w


    Dept for International Development 916-7w

Kramer, Susan


    Driving offences, Mobile phones 1104-6w

    Excise duties, Fuels 1025w

    Heathrow Airport 682

    Sudan, Infant mortality 456-8w

    Sudan, Social conditions 456w

Kumar, Dr Ashok

                  Chamber Debates

    Bangladesh (28.11.2007) 402


    Community support officers 4

    Firearms, Children 771w

    Firearms, Crime 359w

    Heart diseases, Medical treatments 1119w

    Housing, North East 136

    India, Defence 567

    Manufacturing industries, Robots 119-20w

    Minimum wage 54w

    Non-domestic rates, Small businesses 909w

    Regional planning and development, Teesside 151w

    Schools, Finance 425

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