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Ruane, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Political parties, Finance (04.12.2007) 708

    Social security benefits (05.12.2007) 920


    Developing countries, Education 913w

    Non-governmental organisations, Finance 917w

    Skilled workers 422

Ruddock, Joan, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

                  Chamber Debates

    Ports, Lymington (27.11.2007) 258-62


    Agriculture, Biodiversity 737w

    Business resource efficiency and waste programme 502-3w

    Carbon emissions, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 738w

    Climate change, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1414-5w

    Domestic wastes, Recycling 529w

    Environment protection, Manufacturing industries 1417w

    Fly tipping, East of England 739w

    Fly tipping, West Midlands 1421w

    Grocery trade, Competition 948-9

    Nature conservation, British overseas territories 523-4w

    Penguins, Falkland Islands 524-5w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 738w

    Recycling, Standards 530w

    Recycling, Supermarkets 318-9w

    Sites of special scientific interest, Standards 530-1w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1267-8w

    Waste management, Gloucestershire 319w

Ruffley, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Political parties, Finance (04.12.2007) 734-6


    Alcoholic drinks, Crime 359w

    Alcoholic drinks, Fixed penalties 111-3w

    Children, Protection 179w

    Community policing 189w

    Community support officers, Manpower 181-2w

    Criminal investigation 182w

    Drugs, Prisons 92w

    Human trafficking, Prostitution 360w

    Metropolitan Police, Hoaxes and false alarms 773w

    Organic farming, East of England 1095-6w

    Police, Allowances 191w

    Police, Bureaucracy 469w

    Police, Hoaxes and false alarms 195w

    Police custody 7

    Road traffic offences, Convictions 664w

    Sexual assault referral centres, Finance 364-8w

    Speed limits, Cameras 367w

    Theft, Mobile phones 363w

    Young offenders, Arson 358w

    Young offenders, Custodial treatment 102-12w

    Young offenders, Reoffenders 101-2w

    Young people, Video games 368-9w


Rural areas

Rural Payments Agency

Russell, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing and Regeneration Bill, 2R (27.11.2007) 145, 242, 245, 248

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Flags, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 439w

    Flags, Public buildings 807w

    Football, Females 808w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 840w

    Military bases, Colchester 581w

    Schools, Governing bodies 976-7w

    Territorial Army, Military decorations 313-4w

    Terrorism, Religious sects 785-6w

Russell, Ms Christine


    Developing countries, Climate change 1251w


Ryan, Ms Joan

                  Chamber Debates

    Railways, Enfield (06.12.2007) 1069-73

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