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Meacher, Rt Hon Michael


    Bank services 296

    Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Trust, Industrial disputes 862w

Meale, Mr Alan

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, Rep and 3R (13.12.2007) 554, 566

    Members, Points of order (13.12.2007) 542


Medical equipment

Medical records

Medical treatments

Medical treatments abroad


    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 986w


Members' interests


    see Males


Mental health services

Mentally ill

    Administration of justice 156

Mentally incapacitated


Mercer, Patrick

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan (12.12.2007) 321

    Armed forces, Conditions of employment (12.12.2007) 325, 336, 358-60


    Armed forces, Deployment 394-5w

    Armed forces, Divorce 1024w

    Bluetongue disease, Disease control 697-9w

    Hospitals, Infectious diseases 1216-7w

Merial Animal Health

Merron, Gillian, Parliamentary Secretary and Minister for the East Midlands, Cabinet Office

                  Written Statements

    Civil servants, Pensions 98ws


    Christmas, Cabinet Office 1080w

    Civil service agencies, Information officers 825-6w

    Complaints, Cabinet Office 1080w

    Corporate hospitality, Cabinet Office 562w

    Departmental coordination, Data protection 101w

    Departmental coordination, Information and communications technology 561w

    Departmental records, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 826w

    Departmental responsibilities, Cabinet Office 285-7

    Freedom of information, Cabinet Office 1083w

    Illegal immigrants, Cabinet Office 1083w

    Marketing, Cabinet Office 1285w

    Official hospitality, Cabinet Office 561w

    Retirement, Cabinet Office 349w

    Training, Cabinet Office 1083w

    Visits abroad, Cabinet Office 563w


Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus


Metropolitan Police

Metropolitan Police Commissioner

    see Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis



Middle East

Midland main railway line


    Milton Keynes Hospital 1216w

Miliband, Rt Hon David, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Amendment) Bill, 1R (17.12.2007) 636

    Ministerial statement intervention (12.12.2007) 308

                  Written Statements

    EU-Africa Lisbon Summit 26-7ws

    France, State visits 109ws

    Lebanon, Politics and government 6-7ws

    Russia, British Council 55ws


    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 1011w

    Armed conflict, Reconstruction 832w

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Politics and government 156w

    Corporate hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 156w

    Data protection, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 156-7w

    Departmental responsibilities, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 158w

    Languages, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 160-1w

    Meetings, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 986w

    Sudan, Peacekeeping operations 835w

Miliband, Edward, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

                  Written Statements

    Government departments, Data protection 98ws


    Central Office of Information, Publications 101w

    Correspondence, Cabinet Office 1084w

    Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund 562w

    Government departments, Correspondence 1081w

    Government departments, Data protection 349w

    Information and communications technology, Cabinet Office 1081w

    Iraq conflict, Cabinet Office 101w

    Legislation, Public participation 1083w

    Manpower, Prime Minister 1084w

    Planning permission, Cabinet Office 1084-5w

    Voluntary organisations, Yorkshire and the Humber 292

    Voluntary work, Young people 290-1

Military aid

Military aircraft

Military bases

Military decorations

Millenium volunteers scheme

Miller, Maria


    Pre-school education, Finance 591-2

Milton, Anne

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess motions (18.12.2007) 805-8


    Animals, Disease control 696w

    Chlamydia, Screening 1377w

    Licensing laws, Urban areas 18, 102w

    Liver diseases 717

    Mental health services, Hospital beds 655-6w

    Mentally ill, Suicide 879w

    Postnatal depression 1402w

    Urology, Medical equipment 321-2w

Milton Keynes Central Station

Milton Keynes Hospital

Minimum wage


Minister for the East of England

    Official engagements 1344w

Minister for the Olympics and for London

    Corporate hospitality 352w

    Foreign workers 766w

Minister for the South East

    Official engagements 1345-6w (470 11-2mc)

Ministerial duties

    Government Equalities Office 45w,

    Leader of the House of Commons 758w

Ministerial policy advisors

    Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 1463-4w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 924w

    Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 437w

Ministerial statements

    Afghanistan (12.12.2007) 303-21

    Brussels Summit (EC) (17.12.2007) 595-611

    Child benefit (17.12.2007) 612-23

    Climate change (18.12.2007) 725-40

    Driving Standards Agency (17.12.2007) 624-34

    Security Industry Authority (13.12.2007) 481-9

Ministry of Defence

    Consultants 58w

    Corporate hospitality 1454w

    Departmental coordination 396w

    Departmental responsibilities 610w

    Official hospitality 396w

    Written questions 611w

"Ministry of Defence Autumn Performance Report 2007"

Ministry of Justice

Missing persons

    United Arab Emirates 299


Mitchell, Mr Andrew


    Sudan, Politics and government 173w

Mitchell, Mr Austin

                  Chamber Debates


    Council housing, Rents 1160w

    Financial Services Authority, Public participation 367w

    National Audit Office 441

    Social rented housing, Finance 901-2w

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