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Turner, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess motions (18.12.2007) 758-9


    Education, Assessments 457w

Turner, Dr Desmond

                  Chamber Debates

    Planning Bill, 2R and Programme motion (10.12.2007) 79-82


    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 656-7w

    NHS, Information and communications technology 1394w

Turner, Mr Neil


    Health services, Disadvantaged 1365w

    Primary health care 714-5


Twigg, Derek, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces, Conditions of employment (12.12.2007) 364-7

                  Written Statements


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 49w, 1444w

    Armed forces, Absence without leave 52w

    Armed forces, Cadets 1445w

    Armed forces, Compensation 51-2w

    Armed forces, Divorce 1024w

    Armed forces, Ethnic groups 52-3w

    Armed forces, Manpower 1031w

    Armed forces, Prosthetics 1451w

    Christmas, Ministry of Defence 1453-4w

    Computers, Ministry of Defence 58w

    Consultants, Ministry of Defence 58w

    Cumbria, Ministry of Defence 1035w

    Data protection, Ministry of Defence 1456w

    Defence Estates, Charities 56-7w

    Defence Estates, Official hospitality 57-8w

    Defence Medical Services, Manpower 1035-6w

    Departmental responsibilities, Ministry of Defence 610w

    Exservicemen, Chelmsford 1040w

    Firing ranges, Dartmoor National Park 1041w

    Firing ranges, National parks 1457-8w

    Foreign workers, Ministry of Defence 1037w

    Helicopters, Ministry of Defence 58-9w

    Illegal immigrants, Ministry of Defence 1458w

    Internet, Ministry of Defence 1037w

    Official hospitality, Ministry of Defence 396w

    Orders and regulations, Ministry of Defence 1039-40w

    Parliamentary questions, Ministry of Defence 1038-9w

    Pay, Ministry of Defence 396-9w

    Postal services, Ministry of Defence 1456w

    Public participation, Ministry of Defence 59w, 1457w

    RAF Brize Norton, Charities 56w

    RAF Kinloss, Redundancy 61-2w

    Reserve forces, Health services 660w

    Training, Ministry of Defence 1040w

    War pensions, Edinburgh 62w

    War pensions, Scotland 63w

    Written questions, Ministry of Defence 611w

    Young people, Ministry of Defence 63-4w

Type 22 frigates

Tyrie, Mr Andrew


    Terrorism, Detainees 1356w

    Trade unions, Finance 1478w

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