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    Public buildings 354w

Flello, Robert

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Compensation, Industrial diseases (23.01.2008) 460wh, 471wh


    Chiropody, Stoke on Trent 1349w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 1198

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 918

Flexible working

Flint, Caroline, Minister of State and Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber, Dept for Communities Local Government and the Regions from 25 January 2008. Previously Minister of State and Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber, Dept for Work and Pensions

                  Chamber Debates

    Illegal immigrants, National insurance (16.01.2008) 963-4, 968, 980-6


    Business, Dept for Work and Pensions 1546w

    Employment schemes, Foreigners 2272w

    Employment schemes, Young people 718w

    In work credit 1887-8w (471 3mc)

    In work credit, Greater London 1889w

    In work credit, Islington 1896w

    Incapacity benefit 72w

    Jobcentre Plus, Computer software 2091w

    Jobcentre Plus, Data protection 1890-1w

    Jobcentre Plus, Rural areas 1378-9w

    Jobcentre Plus, Training 1896w

    Jobcentre Plus, Translation services 721-2w

    Lone parents, Income support 1551w

    Lone parents, Marginal tax rates 722w

    Low incomes, Council tax 436w

    National insurance, EC nationals 1553-4w

    National insurance, Foreigners 1892-3w

    New deal for young people, Cleethorpes 1893-4w

    New deal for young people, Peterborough 1894w

    Personal income, Yorkshire and the Humber 694w

    Poverty, Borders Region 1891w

    Social Fund, Telephone services 1558-9w

    Social security benefits, Telephone services 1385w

    Social security benefits, Voluntary organisations 73w

Flood control


    Nuclear power stations 194w

    Risk assessment 857w

    River Derwent 65w

    Yorkshire and the Humber 1391w

Fly tipping

Flynn, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy (10.01.2008) 527

    Illegal immigrants, National insurance (16.01.2008) 935

    Ministerial statement intervention (10.01.2008) 518


    Golf, Wales 916

    Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, Pay 1633-4w

    Radioactive materials, Theft 1848-9w

Foetal tissue


Follett, Barbara, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for the East of England, Government Equalities Office


    Corporate hospitality, Government Equalities Office 351w

    Correspondence, Government Equalities Office 2275-6w

    Databases, Government Equalities Office 1509w

    Discrimination, Departmental responsibilities 1509w

    Employment, Harassment 817w

    Equal opportunities 1510w

    Equality, Government Equalities Office 1510w

    Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 432w

    Equality and Human Rights Commission, Public appointments 920w

    Forced marriage 687w

    Race equality impact assessment, Government Equalities Office 816w

    Rape, Victim support schemes 2079w

    Trade unions, Government Equalities Office 2276w

    Women and Equality Unit, Equal pay 687w

    Women's National Commission, Equal pay 2078-9w


    Genetically modified organisms 1183w

    Young offender institutions 161-2w

Food Standards Agency

    Sustainable development 1368w

Foot and mouth disease


Football Spectators and Sports Grounds Bill 2007-08

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (22.01.2008) 1357

Forced marriage

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Departmental responsibilities 150-1

    English language 791w

    Information and communications technology 2076w

    Ministerial policy advisors 1609w

    National identity register 449w

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers 1855w

Foreign exchange

Foreign investment in UK

Foreign relations

Foreign trade

Foreign workers


Forensic science

Forensic Science Advisory Council

    Public appointments 14ws

Forensic Science Regulator

    Public appointments 14ws

Forensic Science Service


Fort Halstead

    Hazardous substances 43-4w

Fossil fuelled power stations

    Carbon emissions 193w

Fossil fuels

    Export credit guarantees 970-1w

Foster, Mr Don

                  Chamber Debates

    Payments into the Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund etc Order (15.01.2008) 819, 823-7


    Dance, Outdoor education 642-3w

    Data protection, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 182w

    Digital switchover help scheme, Copeland 1809-10w

    Playing fields, Planning permission 1167-8w

Foster, Mr Michael Jabez, (Hastings and Rye)

                  Chamber Debates

    Maternity services, East Sussex (23.01.2008) 1598-601

    Obesity (23.01.2008) 1511

Fox, Dr Liam

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces (10.01.2008) 586-91

    Data protection, Ministry of Defence (21.01.2008) 1227-8


    Air force, Discharges 706w

    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 20w

    "Annual Army Abstract" 701w

    Armed forces, Driving 1246w

    Armed forces, Manpower 2009w

    Armed forces, Parachuting 2137w

    Armed forces, Pensions 2245w

    Armed forces, Training 878w

    Armed forces, Weapons 25-7w

    Armoured fighting vehicles, Procurement 2137-8w

    Army, Defence equipment 27w

    Army, Discharges 703w

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peacekeeping operations 55w

    Committee of Permanent Representatives 556w, 791w

    Computers, Ministry of Defence 2246-7w

    Data protection, Ministry of Defence 2246w

    Defence, Procurement 1588w

    Defence Analytical Services Agency, Publications 703w

    Departmental expenditure limits, Ministry of Defence 40w, 694w

    Departmental responsibilities, Ministry of Defence 884w

    Diplomatic service, EC nationals 1610w

    European Defence Agency, Finance 704w

    Kuwait, Armed forces 1838w

    Legal costs, Ministry of Defence 49w

    Listed buildings, Ministry of Defence 1132w

    Military aircraft 20w

    Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency 886w, 1398w

    Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency, Manpower 1251w

    Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency, Recruitment 886-7w, 1603-4w

    Navy, Discharges 706w

    Official engagements, Ministry of Defence 53-4w

    Official engagements, Scotland Office 1115w, 1117w

    Procurement, Ministry of Defence 1590w

    Sierra Leone, Peacekeeping operations 706-7w

    Travel, Ministry of Defence 1591w

    Warships, Security 891w

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