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Kidney, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces (10.01.2008) 604-6

    Energy (10.01.2008) 530

    Obesity (23.01.2008) 1512

    Sri Lanka, Politics and government (17.01.2008) 1173-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Nitrate vulnerable zones (08.01.2008) 33-6wh


    Anti-terrorism control orders 461w

    Conditional cautions 894w

    Higher education, Business 806w

    Local authority business growth incentives scheme 786-7, 2048-9w

    Pensioners, Fuel poverty 18

    Pensions, Financial assistance scheme 718w, 723-4w

    Police, Standards 639

    Remand in custody, Children 147w

    Young offenders, Rehabilitation 1214w

King's Fund

Kirkbride, Miss Julie

                  Chamber Debates

    Pensions Bill, 2R (07.01.2008) 60, 68


    Energy supply, Contracts 1062

    Income tax, Tax rates and bands 2129-30w


Knife crimes

    see Offensive weapons

Knight, Rt Hon Greg

                  Chamber Debates

    Disclosure of information, Points of order (23.01.2008) 1515-6


    Bridlington Hospital, Cleaning services 1917w

    Climate change, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1982w

    Climate change, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2196w

    Prisoners of war, Compensation 1606-7w

    Railways, Construction 1342

    Regeneration, Coventry 2051w

    Television, Licensing 1401w

Knight, Jim, Minister of State, Dept for Children Schools and Families

                  Chamber Debates

    Young people, Transport (14.01.2008) 763, 765-70

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Academies, Fire extinguishers 1708-9w

    Academies, Headteachers 823-4w

    Academies, Higher education 1266w

    Building schools for the future programme 1267w, 1715w

    Building schools for the future programme, Fire extinguishers 200-1w

    CFBT Education Services, Dept for Children Schools and Families 641w

    Children, Disabled 205w

    Children, Speech impaired 1268w

    City of London Academy Islington, Sponsorship 1275w

    Dance, Outdoor education 642-3w

    Delivery Unit, Dept for Children Schools and Families 643w

    Education maintenance allowance, Apprentices 214-5w

    Education maintenance allowance, Barnet 2031-2w

    Education maintenance allowance, Cumbria 1716-8w

    Education maintenance allowance, Peterborough 1717-8w

    Education maintenance allowance, Warrington 214w

    English language, General certificate of secondary education 649-50w

    Faith schools, Admissions 215-6w

    Free school meals, Cleethorpes 647-50w

    Free school meals, North East 217w

    Further education, Staffordshire 1719-20w

    GCE A-level, Appeals 649w

    General certificate of secondary education, Disadvantaged 651w

    General certificate of secondary education, Ethnic groups 217-8w

    General certificate of secondary education, Greater Manchester 216-7w

    General certificate of secondary education, Hendon 1281w

    General certificate of secondary education, Kent 218w

    General certificate of secondary education, North East 218-9w

    General certificate of secondary education, Tower Hamlets 649w

    Gifted children, Disadvantaged 1274w

    Gifted children, General certificate of secondary education 1273-4w

    Gifted children, Staffordshire 1722w

    Information and communications technology, National vocational qualifications 217w

    International baccalaureate 225w

    Languages, GCE A-level 226w

    Languages, General certificate of secondary education 217w, 1723w

    Languages, Primary education 1723-4w

    Mandarin, Primary education 1724w

    Mandarin, Teachers 227w

    Mathematics, General certificate of secondary education 217w

    Personal social and health education 228w

    Primary education, Admissions 2167w

    Primary education, Class sizes 654w

    Primary education, Teachers 229-36w

    Pupils, Alcoholic drinks 1726w

    Pupils, Per capita costs 1730w

    St Joseph's College Stoke on Trent 1288-9w

    School leaving, Newcastle upon Tyne 237w

    Schools, Data protection 1725w

    Schools, Discipline 1745w

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 1733w

    Schools, Somerset 238w

    Schools, Staffordshire 1736w

    Schools, Uniforms 827w

    Schools, Wolverhampton 828w

    Science, GCE A-level 828w

    Science, General certificate of secondary education 217w

    Science, Secondary education 1737-8w

    Secondary education, Admissions 804w

    Secondary education, Assessments 663-4w

    Secondary education, Teachers 229-36w

    Secondary education, Teaching methods 1743w

    Special educational needs 828w

    Special educational needs, Barnet 1285-6w

    Special educational needs, Greater London 1407-8w

    Special educational needs, Norfolk 1284-5w

    Special educational needs, Sight impaired 236-7w

    Specialised diplomas, Assessments 665w

    Specialised diplomas, Expenditure 239-40w

    Specialised diplomas, Finance 1744w

    Specialised diplomas, Hendon 828-9w

    Specialist schools, Norfolk 1286-8w

    Teachers, Enfield 666w

    Written questions, Government responses 1729w

    Young people, Disadvantaged 242w

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