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MacKay, Rt Hon Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (10.01.2008) 545, (24.01.2008) 1649

    Capital gains tax (24.01.2008) 1634-5


    Armed forces, Conditions of employment 1573w

    Business questions 1093

    Regulatory reform orders 1074

    Sudan, Peacekeeping operations 152

McKechin, Ann

                  Chamber Debates

    Human trafficking (16.01.2008) 1029-31

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Developing countries, Water 1483w

    Gaza, Politics and government 156, 438w

    Industrial accidents, Death 1551w

    Marine Accident Investigation Branch 844w

McKenna, Mrs Rosemary


Mackinlay, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Oral question time intervention (23.01.2008) 1481


    British Indian Ocean Territory, Borders 559w

    Crimes against property, Northern Ireland 1130w

    Exservicemen, Council housing 1190

    Internet, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1479w

    Maldives, Politics and government 559-60w

    Regional planning and development, Thames Gateway 927-8w

    Visits abroad, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1803w

Maclean, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

McLoughlin, Mr Patrick

                  Chamber Debates

    Higher education, Finance (08.01.2008) 266

    Members, Pay (24.01.2008) 1697


    Agriculture, Vocational guidance 1967w

    Railways, Property development 1825w

    Railways, Timetables 1340

    Rural areas, Business 2052w

    Rural areas, Public transport 2322w

MacNeil, Angus

                  Chamber Debates

    Higher education, Finance (08.01.2008) 258

    Network Rail (08.01.2008) 174

    Payments into the Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund etc Order (15.01.2008) 830

    Telephone services (21.01.2008) 1333

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Child benefit, Personal records 624-5w

    Excise duties, Fuels 1343w

    Housing benefit 719w

    Occupational pensions 72w

    Social security benefits, Prisoners 1557w

    Weatherseal Holdings, Unfair practices 2195-6w

McNulty, Rt Hon Tony, Minister of State, Home Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements


    Animal welfare, Stray dogs 1041w

    Antisocial behaviour, Young people 1759w

    Anti-terrorism control orders 461w

    Baluchistan Liberation Army 302w

    Burglary, Romford 452w

    Closed circuit television 262w

    Community policing, East of England 644-5

    Community policing, Public participation 2248-9w

    Community support officers 1759w

    Community support officers, Havering 1043w

    Community support officers, Humberside 452w, 2249w

    Community support officers, Labour turnover 1859-62w

    Correspondence, Home Office 457w

    Crimes of violence, Police cautions 2058-9w

    Criminal proceedings, Disclosure of information 1761-2w

    Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 2250w

    Emergency calls, Hearing impaired 452-3w

    Essex Police, Bureaucracy 2252w

    Essex Police, Emergency calls 2250-1w

    Essex Police, Standards 270-1w

    Essex Police Authority 270w

    Essex Police Authority, Operating costs 2250w

    Essex Police Authority, Public appointments 270w

    Homicide, Greater London 535-6w

    Independent Police Complaints Commission 1773-4w

    Intelligence services, Disclosure of information 1774w

    Merseyside Police, Reorganisation 2252w

    Metropolitan Police, Emergency calls 541-2w

    Metropolitan Police, Legal costs 1775w

    Passports, Northern Ireland 1775w

    Police, Career structure 293w

    Police, Cost effectiveness 459w

    Police, Influenza 294w

    Police, Information and communications technology 1067w

    Police, International cooperation 2249-50w

    Police, Legal costs 1148w

    Police, Private finance initiative 1068-70w

    Police, Rural areas 460w

    Police, Voluntary work 1069w

    Police custody, Information and communications technology 457-8w

    Public order offences, Photography 1787w

    Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 647-8

    Special constables 452w

    Terrorism, Olympic Games 2012 302w

    Terrorism, Pakistan 1775w

    West Mercia Police, Finance 1788w

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