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Mobile homes

Mobile phone masts

    see Aerials

Mobile phones

Moffat, Anne

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (10.01.2008) 543


    Business questions 1084

    Employment agencies 1469w

Moffatt, Laura

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Gatwick Airport (15.01.2008) 240-3wh


    Exservicemen, Council housing 1189-90

    Higher education, Crawley 301

Mole, Mr Chris


    Entry clearances, Biometrics 1036w

    Seas and oceans, Research 514

Money lenders

Moon, Madeleine

                  Chamber Debates

    Human trafficking (16.01.2008) 997, 1000

    Pensions Bill, 2R (07.01.2008) 62

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Children, Wales 2w

    Crime prevention, Bridgend 650

    Foreign workers, Care homes 1768w

    Furniture, Fire prevention 972w

    Kosovo, Immigration 1772w

    Lebanon, Elections 439w

    Natural England, Rural Payments Agency 1998-9w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1098-9w, 1988-9w

    Public order offences, Photography 1787w

    Strokes, Health services 907w

Moore, Mr Michael


    Arms trade, Treaties 2307w

    Broadcasting, Scotland 1479

    Child tax credit, Borders Region 908w

    Developing countries, Malnutrition 2215w

    Developing countries, Politics and government 2301-2w

    Driving, Working hours 1503w

    Iraq, Global Strategies Group 557w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 48-9w

    Manpower, Dept for International Development 2213-4w

    Mercenaries, Regulation 90w

    Poverty, Borders Region 1891w

Moran, Margaret

                  Chamber Debates

    Online Purchasing of Goods and Services (Age Verification) Bill, 1R (22.01.2008) 1358-60


    Council tax, Bedfordshire 1796w

    Repossession orders, Council housing 2051-2w

    Small businesses 1059

Moray Firth

Morden, Jessica


    Closed circuit television 262w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 1575w

    Severn bridge, Tolls 1350

    Television, Licensing 1403w

Morgan, Julie

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (24.01.2008) 1644-5

    Pensions Bill, 2R (07.01.2008) 61


    Business questions 1089

    Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service 201-3w

    Employment schemes, Lone parents 13-4

Morgan Allen Moore

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1418w

    Northern Ireland Office 1395w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1396w

Morley, Mr Elliot

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy (10.01.2008) 522

    Energy Bill, 2R (22.01.2008) 1363

    European Union (Amendment) Bill, 2R (21.01.2008) 1292-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Animal welfare, Circuses (23.01.2008) 452wh, 457wh


    Developing countries, Water 1498-9w

    Reptiles, Imports 67w

    Road traffic offences, Appeals 2325-6w

    Rural areas, Community development 2306w


    Repossession orders 922-3

Moss, Mr Malcolm

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Taxation, Bingo 1615

Motor vehicles

    South East 5w



Mott MacDonald

    Dept for International Development 1079-82w

Mountford, Kali

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy Bill, 2R (22.01.2008) 1369

    Pensions Bill, 2R (07.01.2008) 56

Mudie, Mr George

                  Chamber Debates

    Capital gains tax (24.01.2008) 1633-4


Mujahedin-e Khalq

Mulholland, Greg


    Departmental reorganisation, Dept of Health 2292-3w

    Local government finance 1154w

    Urology, Medical equipment 2296w

Mullin, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (10.01.2008) 543

    Energy (10.01.2008) 529

    Northern Rock (21.01.2008) 1219

    Pensions Bill, 2R (07.01.2008) 55


    Baluchistan Liberation Army 302w

    Greyhound racing, Regulation 1402w

    Proscribed organisations 302w

    Terrorism, Pakistan 1775w

Multinational companies

Multiple occupation

Mundell, David


    Broadcasting, Scotland 1480

    Devolution, Scotland 1487

Munn, Meg, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements


    Accountancy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2308w

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 789w

    Antarctic, Pollution 442w

    British Antarctic Territory, Borders 443w

    British nationality, Prisoners 2313w

    Belgium, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 444w

    Burma, Politics and government 441w

    China, Human rights 143-4

    Climate change, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2196w

    Climate change, International cooperation 439w

    Consultants, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2308w

    Diplomatic service, EC nationals 1610w

    English language, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 791w

    Equality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1608w

    Eurostar, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 849w

    Freedom of information, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2308-9w

    Holidays abroad, Health services 1613-4w

    Horn of Africa, Terrorism 2310w

    Humanitarian aid, Medals 1611w

    Indonesia, Export credit guarantees 1611-2w

    Information and communications technology, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2076w

    Internet, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 851-2w, 1608w

    Iraq, Reconstruction 853w

    Kenya, Christianity 2310w

    Kenya, Overseas residence 793w

    Languages, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 445w

    Location, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1612w

    Manpower, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1139-40w

    Marketing, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1609w

    Minimum wage, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 446w

    Multinational companies, Ethics 2309w

    National identity register, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 449w

    Pakistan, Politics and government 793w

    Palestinians, EC aid 794w

    Pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 90w, 852w

    Plastic bags, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 852w

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1855w

    Public bodies, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 450w

    Public expenditure, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2197-8w

    Recycling, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 854w

    Redundancy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2198w

    Republic of Ireland, Embassies 1613w

    Somalia, Armed conflict 2313w

    Somalia, Human rights 2314w

    Somalia, Peace negotiations 2310w

    Somalia, Peacekeeping operations 2314w

    South Africa, Politics and government 147-8

    Spratly Islands, Sovereignty 1855w

    Sudan, Peacekeeping operations 2315w

    Tanzania, Overseas investment 854-5w

    Terrorism, Crime prevention 1142w

Murphy, Jim, Minister for Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Amendment) Bill, 2R (21.01.2008) 1316-20

                  Written Statements

    EU General Affairs and External Relations Council 66-8ws


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 87w

    Armenia, Genocide 443w

    Belarus, Entry clearances 88w

    Chevening scholarships programme 1850-1w

    Climate change, EC action 444w

    Committee of Permanent Representatives 556w, 791w

    EC environmental policy 139-40

    EC grants and loans, Trade unions 1142w

    EC working groups 446w

    European Commission, British nationality 2309w

    European gendarmerie force 92-3w

    European Union, Publicity 791-2w

    European Union Directorate, Manpower 1611w

    Gibraltar, Equality 792w

    Gulf States, Military bases 1852w

    International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia 444w

    Kosovo, Politics and government 438-9w

    Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Finance 96w

    Palestinians, Travel restrictions 1142w

    Republic of Ireland, Commonwealth 154-5

    Russia, British Council 96-7w

    Serbia, Disabled 97w

    Slovenia, EC presidency 149-50

    Sudan, Peacekeeping operations 97-8w

    Treaty of Lisbon 95w

    Turkey, Armenia 99w

    Turkey, EC enlargement 1143w

    Turkey, Human rights 562w

    Turkmenistan, Politics and government 1614w

    Uzbekistan, Elections 1615w

Murphy, Rt Hon Paul, Secretary of State for Wales from 25 January 2008

                  Chamber Debates

    Sri Lanka, Politics and government (17.01.2008) 1176-8

                  Written Statements

    Planning Bill 2007-08, Wales 68ws

Murrison, Dr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces (10.01.2008) 620-3


    Armed forces, Compensation 2245w

    Armed forces, Foreigners 1577w

    Armed forces, Housing 2008w

    Armed forces, Influenza 24w, 47w

    Armed forces, Schools 1195

    Industrial health and safety, Influenza 435w

    Reserve forces, Mental health services 2142-3w

Muscular dystrophy

Musculoskeletal disorders

    Occupational health 1027w

Museums and galleries



    General certificate of secondary education 217w

MV Ice Prince

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