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Non-domestic rates

    Microgeneration 901w


    Local government 693w

North Bristol NHS Trust

North East

    Antisocial behaviour orders 258w

    Free school meals 217w

    General certificate of secondary education 218-9w

North Sea

North Sea oil

North West

    Regional planning and development 1475-6w

North West Brussels Office

North West Health Brussels Office

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Northern Ireland

    Antisocial behaviour orders 830-1w

    Crimes against property 1130w

    Domestic wastes 871w

    Ministry of Defence 37-9w

    Police stations 765w

    Prisoner escapes 833w

    Street bail scheme 763w

Northern Ireland Certification Officer

    see Certification Officer for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Office

    Information and communications technology 2244w

    Manpower 60w

    Ministerial policy advisors 831w

    Parliamentary questions 763w

    Procurement 60w

Northern Ireland Police Service

    see Police Service of Northern Ireland

Northern Rock

    Ministerial statements (21.01.2008) 1207-24

Northumbria Police

Northwick Park Hospital



    Local area agreements (08.01.2008) 48-55wh


Nuclear disarmament

Nuclear Installations Inspectorate

Nuclear power

    International cooperation 1634w

Nuclear power stations

Nuclear submarines

    Decommissioning 53w

Nuclear weapons



    West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust 134-5w

Nursing homes

    see Care homes


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