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Eagle, Angela, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

                  Chamber Debates

    Banking (Special Provisions) Bill, Business motion, 2R and rem stages (19.02.2008) 265-7

    Insurance companies, Regulation (18.02.2008) 130-2

                  Written Statements

    Government Actuary's Department, Supply estimates 6-7ws

    Government departments, Bank services 127ws

    National Audit Office 117ws

    Office for National Statistics, Supply estimates 5-6ws

    Supply estimates, Treasury 70ws


    Bank services, Fees and charges 611-2w

    Breast cancer, Essex 281w

    Buildings, Treasury 938w

    Bus services, Low incomes 573-4w

    Carbon Markets Expert Group 1481w

    Census, Data protection 1482w

    Crown Estate Commissioners 345-6w

    Databases, Treasury 349w

    Death, Parkinson's disease 361-2w

    Death, Prostate cancer 2323w

    Debts, Developing countries 2836w

    Drinking water, Treasury 2837w

    European Commission, Offices 350w

    Fair trade initiative, Treasury 1935w

    Financial institutions, Charitable trusts 2836w

    Financial services, Consumer information 2189w

    Financial services, Disadvantaged 351w

    Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 614w

    Foreign workers, Cambridgeshire 1081-4w (473 2mc)

    Foreign workers, EC nationals 357w

    Fossil fuel levy, Scotland 351-2w

    General certificate of secondary education 614-6w

    Homeworking, Treasury 1934w

    Hospitals, Clostridium 2861w

    Impact assessments, Treasury 2173w

    Information and communications technology, Treasury 349w, 2579w

    Information officers, Treasury 938w

    Insurance companies, Disclosure of information 2185w

    Labour turnover, Treasury 1635w

    Landfill tax, Greater London 355w

    Landfill tax, Hertfordshire 1826w

    Low incomes, Stockton on Tees 1641w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Treasury 349w

    Money laundering, Afghanistan 351w

    Mortgages, Repossession orders 360w

    Motor vehicles, Manufacturing industries 1935-6w

    National Insurance Fund 2187w

    Northern Rock, Freedom of information 1489w

    Northern Rock, Nationalisation 2187w

    Northern Rock Foundation 1489w

    Official residences, Treasury 1108w

    Older workers, Treasury 2580w

    Pensioners, Stockton on Tees 1936-7w

    Pensions, Private sector 2797w

    Population, Bridgend 2190w

    Prices, Alcoholic drinks 1933w

    Private finance initiative, Insurance 1937w

    Private finance initiative, Treasury 2173w

    Prostate cancer, Medical treatments 682w

    Public relations, Treasury 1110w

    Public sector net cash requirement 2191w

    Recruitment, Treasury 2582w

    Regional planning and development 2582-4w

    Retirement, Treasury 1109w

    Road traffic offences, Treasury 367w

    Sick leave, Treasury 1109w

    Skin cancer, Sunbeds 1080w

    Stamp duty land tax 1938w

    State retirement pensions 2189w

    Surveys, Treasury 744w

    Tax yields, East Sussex 2799w

    Taxation, Landlords 2799w

    Taxation, Small businesses 1908

    Telephone services, Treasury 744w

    Tobacco, Exports 371w

    Tobacco, Smuggling 368w

    Training, Treasury 350w

    Unemployment, Graduates 352-3w

    Unemployment, Stockton on Tees 1644w

    Unemployment, Wales 1907

    Voluntary work, Treasury 1490w

    Women's Budget Group 2590w

    Written questions, Treasury 1637-8w

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