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Kaufman, Rt Hon Sir Gerald

                  Chamber Debates

    Northern Rock, Nationalisation (18.02.2008) 31

    Rendition (21.02.2008) 554-5

    Treaty of Lisbon (20.02.2008) 373


    Holocaust Educational Trust 1085

    Middle East, Armed conflict 143-4

Kawczynski, Daniel

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Balkans, Politics and government (26.02.2008) 211-4wh


    Manpower, Minister for the West Midlands 1423w

    Obesity, Medical treatments 1907-8w

    Official engagements, Minister for the West Midlands 46-7w, 50w, 1424w

    Parliament, Hearing impaired 1377w

    Regional ministers, Official engagements 51w

    Shropshire, Dept for Children Schools and Families 1691-8w

    Shropshire, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 333w

    Shropshire, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1872-3w

    Shropshire, Dept for Transport 554w

    Shropshire, Dept for Work and Pensions 2826-8w

    Shropshire, Ministry of Justice 1519-21w

    Shropshire, Treasury 940w

Keeble, Ms Sally

                  Chamber Debates

    Treaty of Lisbon (25.02.2008) 773, 788


    Housing, Regional planning and development 887

    Kenya, Politics and government 469w

    Pensioners, Females 223w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Communities and Local Government 2470w

    Public expenditure, Dept of Health 2730w

    Rented housing, Private sector 1406w

Keeley, Barbara


    Cervical cancer, Screening 1087

    Exservicemen, Mental health services 2049w

Keen, Ann, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Health


    Agency nurses, Expenditure 1060w

    Ambulance services, Crimes of violence 2394w

    Ambulance services, Manpower 2376w

    Basildon Hospital, Clostridium 1190w

    Cancer, Mental health services 1453w

    Cancer, Waiting lists 283w

    Carbon monoxide, Poisoning 2727w

    Cardiovascular system, Diseases 1191-2w

    Cherry Knowle Hospital 802w

    Chesterfield Primary Care Trust, Manpower 1736w

    Chronically sick, Greater London 2732w

    Colorectal cancer, Screening 1190w

    Colorectal cancer, Surgery 1442w

    Dental services, Children 2729w

    Dental services, Cosmetics 803w

    Dental services, Databases 285w

    Dental services, Derbyshire 1740w

    Dental services, Essex 803w

    Dental services, Fees and charges 1739-40w

    Dental services, Hertfordshire 2729w

    Diabetes, Medical equipment 955w

    Doctors, Lancashire 668w

    Ear nose and throat, Surgery 957-8w

    Emergency care practitioners, Manpower 2381w

    Family nurse partnership programme 1884w

    Fluoride, Dental health 1737w

    Fluoride, Infant foods 811w

    Health professions, Qualifications 2731w

    Health services, Babies 2732w

    Health services, Children 2383w

    Health services, Pre-school education 2733w

    Health services, Private sector 1202-3w

    Health services, Rossendale 1460w

    Health visitors, Stress 2102w

    Hearing impaired, Health services 1904w

    Hospital wards, Gender 1463w

    Hospitals, Crimes of violence 2390-1w

    Hospitals, Food 809w

    Incontinence, Young people 296w

    Infectious diseases, Health services 2103w

    Kidney patients, Medical treatments 677-8w

    Lighting, Health hazards 1208w

    Lung cancer, Nurses 2387w

    Macular degeneration, Wirral 811-2w

    Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, Pay 812w

    Maternity services, Finance 1208-9w

    Maternity services, Standards 1467w

    Medical treatments abroad, Transplant surgery 1468w

    Mental health services, Training 812w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Statistics 298-9w

    Midwives, Student wastage 1897w

    Midwives, Training 813w

    Musculoskeletal disorders 2389w

    National Chemotherapy Advisory Group 1468-9w

    NHS, Car allowances 679w

    NHS, Industrial health and safety 1760-2w

    Nurses, Uniforms 815w

    Obstetrics, Manpower 1908w

    Obstetrics, Screening 1211w

    Ophthalmic services, Expenditure 2740w

    Paediatrics, Pathology 1079w

    Paramedical staff, West Midlands 1908-9w

    Parkinson's disease 2105w

    Perinatal mortality 1909w

    Peterborough Primary Care Trust, Breast cancer 2742-4w

    Peterborough Primary Care Trust, Colorectal cancer 2743w

    Prostate cancer, Consultants 1214-5w

    Prostate cancer, Medical treatments 965w

    Prostate cancer, Screening 2395w

    Radiotherapy, Finance 2104w

    Radiotherapy, Waiting lists 1476-7w

    Respiratory diseases, Air pollution 2373w

    Scarborough Hospital, Cleaning services 2106w

    Smoking, Sight impaired 1911w

    South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Manpower 1215-7w

    South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Resignations 1215-7w

    South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Sick leave 1215-7w

    South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Vacancies 1215-7w

    Strokes, Rehabilitation 1217w

    Strokes, Voluntary organisations 2530w

    Testicular cancer, Screening 1478w

    Transplant surgery, Finance 2400w

    Transplant surgery, Waiting lists 1081-2w

    Urology, Nurses 311w

    Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Health Authority, Finance 1219w

Keetch, Mr Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Shropshire (Structural Change) Order (19.02.2008) 311, 316, 318, 320


    British overseas territories 139

Kelda Group

Kelly, Rt Hon Ruth, Secretary of State for Transport

                  Written Statements

    Supply estimates, Dept for Transport 40-3ws

    Transport, East of England 97-8ws


    Buses, Greater London 1592

    Departmental responsibilities, Dept for Transport 1587

    Great Western Trains, Standards 1573-4

    M4, Road traffic 1587

    Tolls, Greater London 1591

    Tolls, Greater Manchester 1587-8

    Transport, Sustainable development 1581-3

Kemble-Swindon railway line

Kemp, Fraser


    Carbon emissions, Dept for Children Schools and Families 1685w

    Carbon emissions, Dept for Communities and Local Government 12w

    Carbon emissions, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 2124w

    Carbon emissions, Dept of Health 1457-8w

    Carbon emissions, Home Office 432w

    Carbon emissions, Ministry of Defence 2345w

    Domestic safety, Natural gas 2477-8w

    Health, Climate change 2856w

    Mental health services, Hospital beds 2395-8w

    Midwives, Training 813w

    Motor vehicles, Manufacturing industries 1935-6w

    Sure start programme, Tyne and Wear 539w

    Tourism, North East 1004w

    Winter fuel payments, Tyne and Wear 256w


    Bail accommodation and support service 186w, 985-6w

Kennedy, Rt Hon Jane, Financial Secretary to the Treasury

                  Written Statements

    Corporation tax 61ws

    Revenue and Customs, Supply estimates 5ws


    Borders, Security 352w

    Child benefit, Bexley 344w

    Child benefit, EC nationals 2794-5w

    Child benefit, Overseas residence 1634w

    Child tax credit, Overseas residence 1634w

    Customs officers, Northern Ireland 1934w

    Customs officers, Training 2310w

    Debt collection, Standards 1107w

    Healthy start scheme 2796w

    Itis Holdings, Treasury 354-5w

    Marketing, Treasury 1636w

    National insurance 360w

    National insurance, Personal records 2322w

    National insurance contributions, Foreign workers 2321-2w

    National insurance contributions, Self-employed 2323-4w

    National Insurance Fund 360-1w

    Natural gas, Prices 2322w

    Revenue and Customs, Buildings 1240w

    Revenue and Customs, Dorchester 1489w

    Revenue and Customs, Employment agencies 2797-9w

    Revenue and Customs, Fraud 1117w

    Revenue and Customs, Labour turnover 1942w

    Revenue and Customs, Manpower 2191w

    Revenue and Customs, Training 1117w

    Seized articles, Appeals 1635w

    Share option scheme 1241w

    Small businesses, Tax rates and bands 617w

    Smuggling, Animal products 367w

    Smuggling, Drugs 368w

    Tax allowances, Second homes 370w

    Tax allowances, Trade unions 2327w

    Tax yields, Cornwall 617w

    Tax yields, Staffordshire 1118w

    Taxation, Married people 1641w

    Taxation, Official residences 1643w

    Taxation, Pensioners 1489w

    Taxation, Property 370w

    Taxation, Second homes 2327w

    Valuation Office, Information and communications technology 371-2w

    Valuation Office, Opinion Research Corporation 372w

    VAT, Vocational training 1242w

    Welfare tax credits, Children 2800w

    Welfare tax credits, Fraud 1119w

    Welfare tax credits, Internet 2328w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 375-6w

    Welfare tax credits, Telephone services 376w

    Winter fuel payments 2800w

    Working tax credit, Nottingham 1120w

    Working tax credit, Stockton on Tees 1644w


    Dept for Children Schools and Families 500-2w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 927-9w

    General practitioners 1888w

    Local government finance 40w


Key, Mr Robert

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Portable antiquities scheme 312-3w

    Stonehenge, Conservation 1003w

    Unmanned air vehicles 2048w

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