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Dangerous Dogs Act 1991


    Prosecutions 36w

Dangerous driving


    see Sudan

Darling, Rt Hon Alistair, Chancellor of the Exchequer

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2008 (12.03.2008) 285-98

                  Written Statements

    Northern Rock, Nationalisation 53-4ws

Dartford-Thurrock Crossing

Data protection

    Dept for Children Schools and Families 403-4w

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 693w, 961w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 543w

    Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 841w

    Dept for International Development 1178w

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 443-4w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1183w

    Medical records 744w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 5w

    Revenue and Customs 1013w

    Social security benefits 1065w

Data Protection Act 1998



    Asylum and Immigration Tribunal 672w

    Dept for Children Schools and Families 404w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 416w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 17w

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 211-3w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 640w

Davey, Mr Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Amendment) Bill, 3R (11.03.2008) 168, 183-92

    Iraq War Inquiry Bill, 1R (20.03.2008) 1097

    Post offices, Closures (19.03.2008) 966, 979

Davidson, Mr Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Amendment) Bill, 3R (11.03.2008) 152

Davies, Dai


    AWE Aldermaston, Safety 814w

    British Irish Council 1325w

    Cabinet papers, Freedom of information 323w

    Challenger tanks, Ammunition 1176-7w

    Citizenship Review, Wales 816w

    Housing, Carbon emissions 58w

    Housing, Elderly 230w

    Housing, Water 69w

    Land, Contamination 779w

    Local government, Wales 817w

    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Finance 620w

    Nuclear fuel reprocessing 620w

    Nuclear power, International cooperation 616w

    Office for Civil Nuclear Security, Manpower 984w

    Renewable energy 253w

    Transport, Radioactive waste 1386w

    Transport, Sustainable development 447w

Davies, David TC

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2008 (18.03.2008) 790


    Buildings, Dept for Work and Pensions 1159w

    Discrimination, Cabinet Office 1301w

    Discrimination, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1046w

    Discrimination, Dept for International Development 926w

    Discrimination, Dept of Health 1311w

    Discrimination, House of Commons 1107w

    Discrimination, Leader of the House of Commons 1279w

    Discrimination, Ministry of Justice 1190-1w

    Discrimination, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 816-7w

    Discrimination, Scotland Office 957w

    Discrimination, Treasury 1215w

    Prison accommodation, Shipping 129

    Social security benefits, Fraud 1402w

Davies, Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Oral question time intervention (17.03.2008) 612


    Borders, Personal records 344w

    Chronically sick, Shipley 95-6w

    Females, Politics and government 1073

    Palliative care, Shipley 97-8w

Davis, Rt Hon David

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Alcohol disorder zones 1270w

    Alcoholic drinks, Public places 1273-5w

    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 71w

    Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, Databases 672w

    Cannabis, Crime 868w

    Cannabis, Misuse 927w

    Crime, Rural areas 928w

    Financial reporting orders 155w

    Genetics, Databases 387w

    Human trafficking, Children 930w

    Illegal immigrants, Deportation 347-8w

    Legislation, Ministry of Justice 163-5w

    National security 410w

    Offences against children, Reoffenders 77w

    Police, Recruitment 77w

    Proceeds of crime 357w

    Public relations, Home Office 929-30w

    Serious Organised Crime Agency 357w

    Terrorism, Finance 934w

    Terrorism, Stop and search 78w

    Written questions, Government responses 1264w

Day care


    see Hearing impaired

Dean, Mrs Janet

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Community policing (19.03.2008) 236-8wh


    Alcoholic drinks 115w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 94-5w

"Debt and Reserves Management Report 2008-09"

Debt collection



    Supply estimates (10.03.2008) 117

Defence equipment

Defence Equipment and Support

Deferred divisions

    (11.03.2008) 254



    Health services 548w

Democratic Republic of Congo

    International Criminal Court 639w


Denham, Rt Hon John, Secretary of State for Innovation Universities and Skills

                  Written Statements

Dental services

    East of England 262w

    Western Cheshire Primary Care Trust 996-7w

Department for Transport (Driver Licensing and Vehicle Registration Fees) (Amendment) Order 2008

                  Chamber Debates

Departmental coordination

Departmental expenditure limits

Departmental reorganisation

    Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 111w

    Ministry of Justice 154w

Departmental responsibilities

    Dept for Children Schools and Families 612

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 13, 317w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 405

    Dept of Health 744

    Minister for the West Midlands 63w

    Ministry of Justice 141

Depleted uranium


Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

    Carbon emissions 247w

    Official hospitality 679w

    Public expenditure 838w

    Sustainable development 985w

    Telephone services 979w

    Temporary employment 1224w

Dept for Children Schools and Families

    Cost effectiveness 404w

    Departmental responsibilities 612

    Health insurance 406w

    Information officers 594w

    Operating costs 183w

    Private finance initiative 176w

    Sexual harassment 594w

Dept for Communities and Local Government

    Carbon emissions 695w

    Cost effectiveness 228w

    Disciplinary proceedings 961w

    Economic and monetary union 962-3w

    National security 63w

    Official visits 695w

    Older workers 55w

    Public participation 696w

    Written questions 228w

Dept for Culture Media and Sport

    Abbott Mead Vickers 540w

    Civil Service Appeal Board 316w

    Cost effectiveness 137w

    Data protection 543w

    Departmental responsibilities 13, 317w

    Local authorities 321w

    Official engagements 836w

    Official hospitality 1151w

    Television 322w (475 1-2mc)

    Translation services 140w

    Written questions 319w

Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

    Cost effectiveness 219w

    Departmental responsibilities 405

    Disciplinary proceedings 37w

    Enviros Consulting 702w

    Official hospitality 37-8w

    Orders and regulations 421w

    Public bodies 34w

    Temporary employment 418w

    Written questions 419w

    Young people 37w

Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills

    Corporate hospitality 1017w

    Data protection 841w

    Departmental reorganisation 111w

    Freedom of information 842w

    Impact assessments 843w

    Information and communications technology 109w, 843w

    Information officers 843w

    Official hospitality 844w

    Official secrets 111w

    Postal services 853w

    Private finance initiative 846w

Dept for International Development

    Civil Service Appeal Board 820w

    Cost effectiveness 504w

    Official visits 819w

Dept for Transport

    Cost effectiveness 7w

    Freedom of information 946w

    Impact assessments 8w

    Official cars 8w

    Translation services 443w

Dept for Work and Pensions

    Computer software 430w

    Disciplinary proceedings 1399w

    Information and communications technology 17w, 1059-60w

    Official residences 1060w

    Political impartiality 832w

    Public participation 1060w

Dept of Health

    Civil Service Appeal Board 995-6w

    Data protection 744w

    Departmental responsibilities 744

    Impact assessments 468w

Deputy Prime Minister


Derelict land

    Regional development agencies 621w



Detection rates

Detention centres

    Health services 342w

Developing countries

    Olympic Games 2012 70w

Devine, Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Organs, Donors (19.03.2008) 1052

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Nursing and Midwifery Council (11.03.2008) 46-9wh



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