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Kaufman, Rt Hon Sir Gerald


    Business questions 414

    Members, Correspondence 1398w

Kawczynski, Daniel

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Housing, Armed forces 1037w

    River Severn, Floods 1299w

    Shropshire, Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 854w

    Shropshire, Home Office 358-9w

Keeble, Ms Sally

                  Chamber Debates

    Northern Rock, Nationalisation (10.03.2008) 54, 64-6


    Kenya, International assistance 503w

    Local education authorities, Standards 899w

    Olympic Games 2012, Voluntary work 69w

    Prisoners, Death 633w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 38w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Transport 1379w

    Secure training centres, Restraint techniques 635w, 1103w

    Social services, Elderly 739-40

    Sports, Schools 133w

Keeley, Barbara

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2008 (13.03.2008) 435, 450

Keen, Ann, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Health


    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse 96w

    Antibiotics, Health education 80-1w

    Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Trust, Strokes 81w

    Cancer, Per capita costs 667-8w

    Cancer, Urinary system 280w

    Cancer, Waiting lists 82-3w

    Cardiovascular system, Screening 258-9w

    Childbirth, Peterborough 95w

    Chronically sick 260w

    Chronically sick, Cambridgeshire 259w

    Chronically sick, Castle Point 737w

    Chronically sick, Eastbourne 260w

    Chronically sick, Norfolk 260w

    Chronically sick, Peterborough 261w

    Chronically sick, Shipley 95-6w

    Dental services, East of England 262w

    Dental services, Greenwich 262-3w

    Dental services, Torbay 263-4w

    Dental services, Waiting lists 264w

    Health professions, Age 269w

    Health professions, Manpower 84-92w

    Hospitals, Cleaning services 270w

    Maternity services 270w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Death 94-5w

    NHS, Crimes of violence 272w

    NHS, Public participation 96w

    NHS, Reorganisation 271w

    Prostate cancer, Health services 258w

    Prostate cancer, Lancashire 277-8w

Keetch, Mr Paul


Kelly, Rt Hon Ruth, Secretary of State for Transport

                  Written Statements

    Bus services, Finance 28ws

Kemp, Fraser


    Carbon emissions, Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 247w

    Carbon emissions, Dept for Children Schools and Families 1154w

    Carbon emissions, Dept for Communities and Local Government 695w

    Official cars, Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 615w

    Official cars, Dept for Children Schools and Families 593w

    Official cars, Dept for Communities and Local Government 962w

    Official cars, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1151w

    Official cars, Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 598w

    Official cars, Dept for International Development 504w

    Official cars, Dept for Transport 8w

    Official cars, Dept of Health 1310w

    Official cars, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 640w

    Official cars, Ministry of Defence 810w

    Official cars, Ministry of Justice 1190w

    Official cars, Treasury 363w

    Serious Organised Crime Agency 357w

Kennedy, Rt Hon Charles

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (17.03.2008) 626

    Budget March 2008 (17.03.2008) 690-3

Kennedy, Rt Hon Jane, Financial Secretary to the Treasury

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2008 (13.03.2008) 498-505

    Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill, 1R (10.03.2008) 118

    Northern Rock, Nationalisation (10.03.2008) 46, 80-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Revenue and Customs, Northern Ireland (12.03.2008) 81-8wh

                  Written Statements

    Finance Bill 2007-08 63ws


    Accountancy, Treasury 717w

    Business, British overseas territories 1011w

    Child benefit, Fraud 1212w

    Child benefit, Overseas residence 116w, 1213w

    Child tax credit 532w

    Cole Layer Trumble, Treasury 1213w

    Data protection, Treasury 717w

    Floods, Repairs and maintenance 1014w

    Housing, Valuation 895w

    Income tax, East Riding 462w

    Income tax, Overpayments 719w

    Non-domestic rates, Tax yields 1013w

    Personal savings 719w

    Property, Valuation 894w

    Revenue and Customs, Chorley 891-2w

    Revenue and Customs, Data protection 1013w

    Revenue and Customs, Dundee 126-7w

    Revenue and Customs, Fraud 885w

    Revenue and Customs, Reorganisation 892-3w

    Revenue and Customs, Training 535w

    Schools, Uniforms 371w

    Tax yields, Bingo 370w

    Taxation, Banks 365w

    Valuation Office, Cole Layer Trumble 1220w

    Valuation Office, Data protection 130-1w

    Valuation Office, Digital technology 130w, 895w

    Valuation Office, Industrial disputes 721w

    Valuation Office, Information and communications technology 715w, 1220-1w

    Valuation Office, Retirement 721w

    Valuation Office, Rightmove 1221w

    Valuation Office, Video recordings 1014w

    Valuation Office, Visits abroad 895w

    VAT, Sunscreens 722w

    Welfare tax credits, Compensation 127-8w

    Welfare tax credits, Foreigners 372w

    Welfare tax credits, Manpower 127w, 894w

    Welfare tax credits, Morecambe 132w

    Welfare tax credits, Overtime 1014-5w

    Welfare tax credits, Preston 368w

    Welfare tax credits, Training 896w

    Working tax credit, Foreigners 898-9w

    Working tax credit, Morecambe 538-9w


    Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 617-8w

    Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 852w


    International assistance 503w

Key, Mr Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Post offices, Closures (19.03.2008) 948


    Bishops, Housing 1068

    Disadvantaged, Rural areas 907

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