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Vacant land

    English Partnerships 399w


Vaizey, Edward

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Art works, World War II 135-6w

    Culture, West Midlands 1150w

    Offenders, Rehabilitation 313w


    Community centres 958w

    Religious buildings 1206w

Valuation Office

    Industrial disputes 721w

    Information and communications technology 715w, 1220-1w


Vara, Shailesh

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions intervention (13.03.2008) 412

    Commonwealth (20.03.2008) 1106


    Armed forces, Housing 1304w

    Chronically sick, Cambridgeshire 259w

    Domestic violence, Sentencing 385-6w

    General practitioners, Working hours 741w

    Palliative care, Cambridgeshire 551w

    Schools, Crimes of violence 194w

    Teachers, Sick leave 196w

    Teachers, Suicide 129w

    Teachers, Working hours 193-4w

    Voluntary organisations, Contracts 324-5w

    Written questions 1078

    Written questions, Government responses 409w


Vaz, Rt Hon Keith

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (17.03.2008) 625

    Budget March 2008 (17.03.2008) 677-81

    European Union (Amendment) Bill, 3R (11.03.2008) 176, 192-7, 203

    National security (19.03.2008) 936


    Birds, Conservation 1294w

    Business questions 422

    Entry clearances 930w

    Immigration, South Asia 359w

    Prisoners, Diabetes 1355w

    Prisoners, Self-mutilation 1355w

    State retirement pensions 208w

    Welfare tax credits 1222w

    Welfare tax credits, Appeals 1222w



Veterinary medicine


Victim support schemes

Video games

Video recordings

    Illegal broadcasting 1192w

Viggers, Mr Peter


    Electoral Commission, Ipsos MORI 729w

Village halls

Villiers, Theresa

                  Chamber Debates

    Animals Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill, 2R adjourned (14.03.2008) 572

    European Union (Amendment) Bill, 3R (11.03.2008) 217, 238


    Abandoned vehicles, Fees and charges 1111w

    Birmingham New Street Station 765w

    Crossrail line, Consultants 1112w

    Cycling England, Consultants 768w

    Data protection, Dept for Children Schools and Families 403-4w

    Data protection, Dept for Communities and Local Government 693w

    Data protection, Dept for Transport 7w, 684w, 768w

    Databases, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 416w

    Databases, Dept for Work and Pensions 17w

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Publications 684-6w

    Grants, Dept for Transport 1388w

    Great Western Trains, Passengers 769w

    Great Western Trains, Standards 946-9w

    Motor vehicles, Registration 1114w

    Railways, Crime 773w

    Railways, Franchises 10w

    Railways, Overcrowding 774w

    Roads, Accidents 692w

    Speed limits, Cameras 776w

    Transport, Radioactive waste 1111-2w

    Travel, Dept for Transport 693w


    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 332-3w

    10 Downing Street 449w

Visits abroad

    Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 851-2w

    Regional development agencies 31w

    Valuation Office 895w

Vocational education

Vocational guidance

Vocational training

Voluntary organisations

    Employment schemes 570w

    Health services 669w

Voluntary work

    Olympic Games 2012 69w

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