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Cabinet Office

    Data protection 522w

    Information and communications technology 523-4w

    Sick leave 1695-6w (479 10mc)

    Zurich Financial Services 1706w

Cable, Mr Vincent

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial markets (21.04.2008) 1054-5

    Northern Rock plc Transfer Order (31.03.2008) 586-9


    Child Support Agency, Information and communications technology 545-6w

    Heathrow Airport 438

    Immigration officers, Airports 436w

    Information and communications technology, Dept for Communities and Local Government 2104-6w

    Northern Rock, Financial Services Authority 1682w

Caborn, Rt Hon Richard


    HIV infection, Developing countries 835w


Caesarean sections

Cage fighting

Cairns, David, Minister of State, Scotland Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Devolution, Scotland (02.04.2008) 293-6wh


    Alcoholic drinks, Scotland Office 721w

    Contracts, Scotland Office 722w

    Cost effectiveness, Scotland Office 74w

    Electricity generation, Scotland 1297-9

    Ferries, Scotland 834w

    Internet, Scotland Office 2181w

    JP Morgan, Scotland Office 1932w

    Karian and Box, Scotland Office 1933w

    Legislation, Scotland Office 2299w

    Manpower, Scotland Office 2181w

    Marketing, Scotland Office 2181w

    Minimum wage, Scotland 2043w

    Natural gas, Shetland 2042w

    Nuclear power, Scotland 2042w

    Political activities, Scotland Office 950w

    Public participation, Scotland Office 2181w, 2300w

    Rackspace, Scotland Office 722w

    Sustainable development, Scotland Office 722w

    Training, Scotland Office 722w

    Video conferencing, Scotland Office 722w

    Zurich Financial Services, Scotland Office 1933w




Cameron, Rt Hon David


    Financial services, Regulation 179-80

    Income tax, Tax rates and bands 1302-5


    Politics and government 2121w

Campbell, Mr Gregory

                  Chamber Debates

    Post offices, Petitions (22.04.2008) 1285

    Zimbabwe, Elections (02.04.2008) 778


    Africa, Life expectancy 534w

    Burma, Politics and government 8

    Excise duties, Motor vehicles 40w

    Firearms, Licensing 2180w

    Foreign workers, Northern Ireland 365-6w

    Income tax, Tax rates and bands 652w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 1657w

    Parades, Northern Ireland 1380w

    Smuggling, Fuels 668w

    Television, Licensing 1753w

    Welfare tax credits, Northern Ireland 2313w

    Zimbabwe, Overseas residence 1727-8w

Campbell, Rt Hon Sir Menzies

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations (01.04.2008) 636

    Iraq conflict (25.03.2008) 62

    Ministerial statement intervention (02.04.2008) 778

    Zimbabwe, Elections (02.04.2008) 776

Campbell, Mr Ronnie


    Older workers 423


    Health services 569w


Canterbury City Council Bill 2007-08

                  Chamber Debates

    2R order read (27.03.2008) 305, (03.04.2008) 901, (24.04.2008) 1443

Canvey Island


    Dept for Children Schools and Families 678-9w

Capital allowances

Capital gains tax

    Tax rates and bands 2184w

Capital investment

Car allowances

Car sharing

Caravan sites

Carbon emissions

    Dept for Children Schools and Families 2030-1w

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 120w

    Government departments 1164w

    International cooperation 1158w

    Metropolitan Police 1945w

    Ministry of Defence 1653w

Carbon monoxide

Carbon reduction commitment

Cardiovascular system

Care Act 2000


Care homes

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 857w

Care proceedings

Care Quality Commission

Care UK

Career structure


Carer's allowance

Carers' benefits


Carmichael, Mr Alistair

                  Chamber Debates

    Industrial disputes, Grangemouth (24.04.2008) 1484

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 336

    House of Commons, Free of information 1142-3w

    Information officers, Northern Ireland Office 362w

    Pakistan, Politics and government 131w

    Uzbekistan, Cotton 16

Carswell, Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    British constitution (25.03.2008) 29


    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 2296w

    European fighter aircraft, Procurement 2298w

    Planning permission, Tendring 1902w

Carter and Carter Group


Cash, Mr William

                  Chamber Debates

    British constitution (25.03.2008) 32

    Immigration controls (24.04.2008) 1517, 1525

    Ministerial statement intervention (25.03.2008) 26


    European Union, Public relations 1220w


Castle Point

Categories of Casino Regulations 2008

                  Chamber Debates

    (26.03.2008) 294


Caton, Mr Martin


    Home energy efficiency scheme 1364w

    NHS, Private finance initiative 1806w


Cawsey, Mr Ian



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