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Duddridge, James

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Devolution, Scotland 2043w

    Mental Health Act 2007 582w

    Post offices, Closures 626

    Teachers, Industrial disputes 1307

    Unemployment, Wales 908w

Duncan, Alan


    Directors, Disqualification 916

Duncan Smith, Rt Hon Iain


    Military Corrective Training Centre Colchester 1647-8w

Dunne, Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, 2R (21.04.2008) 1072, 1087

    Financial markets (21.04.2008) 1062

    Northern Rock plc Transfer Order (31.03.2008) 581, 594-8


    Home information packs 822w

    Iran, Iraq 11

    Northern Rock, Nationalisation 1450-1

    Public expenditure, Scotland 2042w

Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth


    Death (21.04.2008) 1029

    Driving offences, Fixed penalties 1022w

    Heathrow Airport 431

    Ordnance Survey 614

    Palestinians, Economic situation 1223w

    Palestinians, Overseas aid 1003w

    Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Consultants 1037w

    Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Manpower 1038w

    Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Pay 1037w

Durkan, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Counter-Terrorism Bill, 2R (01.04.2008) 673-5

    Pensions Bill, Rep and 3R (22.04.2008) 1208



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