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Eagle, Angela, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic situation (02.04.2008) 808, 824-8

                  Written Statements, Standards 104ws

    "UK Debt Management Office Business Plan 2008-09" 117ws


    Alcoholic drinks, Prices 623w

    Alcoholic drinks, Treasury 627-8w

    Average earnings, Greater London 653-4w

    Banks, Regulation 624w

    Civil servants, Location 626w

    Colorectal cancer, Death 624-5w

    Conflict of interests, Treasury 628-9w

    Data protection, Treasury 36w, 723w

    Employment agencies, Treasury 630w

    Excise duties, Beer 382w

    Financial Inclusion Fund 1678w

    Financial markets 724w

    Food, Prices 42w

    Foreign loans, World War II 1678w

    Foreign workers, Enfield 633-4w

    Gold and foreign exchange reserves, Sales 1339w

    Government departments, Accountancy 725w

    Government departments, Annual reports 968w

    Government departments, Empty property 1678w

    Insurance companies 725w

    Karian and Box, Treasury 1681w

    Life expectancy, Essex 659w

    Life expectancy, Lancashire 659w

    Listed buildings, Treasury 1672w

    Low incomes, Personal savings 1681w

    Marketing, Treasury 1672w

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property 2062w

    Northern Rock, Charitable donations 663w

    Northern Rock, Compensation 41-2w

    Northern Rock, Denmark 662w

    Northern Rock, Financial Services Authority 1682w

    Northern Rock, Freedom of information 723w, 1341w

    Northern Rock, Guernsey 382-3w

    Northern Rock, Mortgages 1682w

    Northern Rock, Public appointments 1342w

    Official hospitality, Treasury 629w

    Official visits, Treasury 629w

    Personal care services 665w

    Planning permission, Treasury 1682-3w

    Political activities, Treasury 1673w

    Public participation, Treasury 1672-3w

    Public sector net cash requirement 2182w

    Rackspace, Treasury 1683w

    Research and development tax credit, Video games 667w

    Resignations, Treasury 37-8w

    Revenue and Customs, Surveys 2310-1w

    Schools, Uniforms 668w

    Sick leave, Treasury 1673w

    Smuggling, Fuels 668w

    Smuggling, Tobacco 725w

    Sustainable development, Treasury 38w

    Tax avoidance, Construction 1686w

    Tax yields, Betting 1687w

    Tax yields, Landfill tax 1339w

    Tax yields, Stamp duties 1685w

    Taxation, Environment protection 2311w

    Taxation, Private companies 2186w

    Taxation, Social security benefits 176w

    Television, Treasury 384w

    Temporary employment, Treasury 2308w

    Unemployment, Stroud 32w

    Video conferencing, Treasury 1674w

    Written questions, Government responses 2314w

Eagle, Maria, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Legal aid, Civil proceedings 61-2ws


    Administration of justice, Public appointments 2109-10w

    Alcoholic drinks, Ministry of Justice 889w

    Antisocial behaviour, Essex 883-9w

    Carbon emissions, Ministry of Justice 2110-1w

    Commissioner for Victims and Witnesses, Public appointments 1863w

    Community orders 240w

    Consultants, Ministry of Justice 354w

    Contracts, Ministry of Justice 1170-4w

    Criminal injuries compensation, EC nationals 1060-1w

    Criminal Justice Information Technology 225w

    Criminal Justice Information Technology, Manpower 226w

    Criminal proceedings, Retail trade 555-6w

    Debt collection 556w

    Debt collection, Regulation 556-7w

    Domestic violence, Staffordshire 51w

    Domestic violence, Wales 1061w

    Dorchester Prison, Self-mutilation 360w

    Driving offences, Prosecutions 51-2w

    Driving offences, Speed limits 1061-2w

    Driving under influence, Lancashire 2365-6w

    Driving under influence, South Yorkshire 226-7w

    Drugs, Sentencing 52w

    Email, Ministry of Justice 227-8w

    Empty property, Ministry of Justice 355w

    Feltham Young Offender Institution and Remand Centre 1865-6w

    Foreign workers, Domestic service 1065w

    Health services, Ministry of Justice 2367w

    High court, Birmingham 2367w

    Information and communications technology, Ministry of Justice 355w

    Internet, Ministry of Justice 889-90w

    Karian and Box, Ministry of Justice 2249w

    Law centres, Finance 1181w

    Legal Services Commission, Fees and charges 229w

    Life imprisonment, Prisoners' release 1868w

    Magistrates' courts, Leeds 53-4w

    Marketing, Dept for Work and Pensions 1863-4w

    Offences against children 51w

    Offenders, Employment schemes 356-7w

    Pensions, Ministry of Justice 356w

    Police, Information and communications technology 279w

    Political activities, Ministry of Justice 1865w

    Prison Service, Location 1067w

    Prison Service, Public appointments 230w

    Prisoners, Infectious diseases 1068w

    Prisoners, Personal records 361w

    Prisoners' incentives and earned privileges scheme 561-2w

    Prisoners on remand, Females 2371-2w

    Prisons, Employment 2119w

    Prisons, Video equipment 2119w

    Probation, Foreigners 1068w

    Probation officers, Manpower 1068w

    Probation officers, Resignations 2376-8w

    Probation officers, Wales 1069w

    Protection from Harassment Act 1997 240-2w

    Public service, Misconduct 896w

    Rackspace, Ministry of Justice 1069w

    Road traffic offences 58w

    Road traffic offences, Young people 58w

    Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964, Prosecutions 59w

    Segregation of prisoners 242w

    Sexual offences, Rehabilitation 1189-90w

    Shoplifting, Convictions 1327w

    Sustainable development, Ministry of Justice 2115w

    Training, Ministry of Justice 890w

    Vandalism, South Yorkshire 242-3w

    Vandalism, Staffordshire 59w

    Victim support schemes 555w

    Working hours, Ministry of Justice 2247w

    Young offender institutions, Counselling 2252w

    Young offenders, Schools 1861w

Early Removal of Fixed-Term Prisoners (Amendment of Eligibility Period) Order 2008

                  Chamber Debates

    (01.04.2008) 737

Early Removal of Short-Term and Long-Term Prisoners (Amendment of Requisite Period) Order 2008

                  Chamber Debates

    (01.04.2008) 737

Early retirement


East coast railway line

East Midlands

    Regional planning and development 1412w

East of England

    Local government 821w

East of England Regional Assembly

Eating disorders

EC action

    Climate change (23.04.2008) 1429-30

    Insolvency (26.03.2008) 293

EC budget

EC common foreign and security policy

EC defence policy

EC enlargement

EC environmental policy

EC external relations

EC immigration

EC internal relations

EC law

    Animal experiments 68w

    Hazardous substances 732w

EC nationals

    Criminal injuries compensation 1060-1w

    Foreign workers 548w

EC presidency

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