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Francis, Dr Hywel


    Employment, Wales 751

    Social security benefits, Wales 933-6w

Francois, Mr Mark

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Caravan sites (26.03.2008) 73wh


Fraser, Christopher

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Wind power, Planning permission (22.04.2008) 410wh, 414wh


    Prostate cancer, Research 30w

    Prostate cancer, Screening 18w


    Plea bargaining 77ws

    Revenue and Customs 634w

    Social security benefits 12ws

Free school meals

Freedom of information

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 126w

"Freedom of Information Act 2000 Statistics on Implementation in Central Government October to December 2007"


Fuel poverty



Further education

    Sustainable development 318-9

Future strategic tanker aircraft

Futurebuilders England


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