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Psychiatric nurses


Pub watch schemes

Public Accounts Committee

Public appointments

    Boundary Commission for Wales 55-6ws

    Commissioner for Victims and Witnesses 978-9w

    HM Inspectorate of Constabulary 86-7w

    Infrastructure Planning Commission 1444w

    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 1761w

    Prison Service Pay Review Body 62ws

    Senior Salaries Review Body 14ws

    UK Commission for Employment and Skills 1121w

Public Appointments Commissioner

Public expenditure

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 552-3w

Public holidays

Public houses

Public libraries

Public participation

    Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 560w

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 67w, 1686w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 847w, 939w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 282w, 1327-8w

    Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 295-6w, 809w

    Dept for International Development 322-3w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 40w

    Leader of the House of Commons 1429w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1683w

Public places

Public sector

    Priory Healthcare 139w

Public transport

    Yorkshire and the Humber 276w


    Dept for Communities and Local Government 738w


    Access to work programme 37w

    Community policing 75w

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 737w

    Northern Ireland Office 929w

Pugh, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (HL), 2R (12.05.2008) 1101, 1128, 1150-2

    Public Accounts Committee (15.05.2008) 1600-2, 1627

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Supermarkets, Competition (13.05.2008) 365-6wh

Pupil exclusions

    Folkestone Academy 190w

Pupil referral units


Purchase, Mr Ken


    Crime, Small businesses 148-9

    Zimbabwe, Arms trade 702

Purnell, Rt Hon James, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions


    Disabled, Departmental coordination 1532-3w

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