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Rifkind, Sir Malcolm


    Iran, Nuclear power 1181

Right to Roam (Mobile Phones) Bill 2007-08

                  Chamber Debates


    Revenue and Customs 913w

    Valuation Office 913w

Rights of way

Riordan, Linda


    Halifax Station 276w

    Post offices, Halifax 1794w

    Saudi Arabia, Human rights 292

River Severn

Road traffic

Road traffic control

Road traffic offences


    East Riding 35w

Robathan, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Excise duties, Motor vehicles (14.05.2008) 1497

    Members, Points of order (29.04.2008) 167


    Community hospitals 564

    Flood control, Finance 426

    Higher education, Admissions 1767w


Robertson, Angus


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 4

    Armed forces, Housing 833w

    China, Foreign relations 1188-9

Robertson, Hugh


    Olympic Games 2012, Finance 6w

    Olympic Games 2012, Mayor of London 1060

Robertson, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Children, Poverty (01.05.2008) 481

    Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (HL), 2R (12.05.2008) 1069

    Members, Points of order (01.05.2008) 457


    Climate change, International cooperation 578w

    Employment, Disabled 302-3

    Employment, Olympic Games 2012 1345w

    Exhaust emissions, Aviation 435-6

    Wind power, Seas and oceans 440-1

Robertson, Mr Laurence

                  Chamber Debates

    Regional planning and development, South West (07.05.2008) 816-9, 821-2


    Ethiopia, Qatar 18w

    European Union Solidarity Fund 1278-9w

    Missing persons 97w

    Organised crime, Northern Ireland 1370

    Regional planning and development, South West 318w

Robinson, Mr Geoffrey

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Business improvement districts, Coventry (13.05.2008) 406-11wh

Robinson, Mrs Iris

                  Chamber Debates

    Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (HL), 2R (12.05.2008) 1121, 1124-7


    Fisheries, Northern Ireland 1368

    Inquiries, Northern Ireland 625w

    Olympic Games 2012, Finance 1061-2 (476 8mc)

Robinson, Mr Peter D


    Devolution, Northern Ireland 301

    Organised crime, Northern Ireland 1369-70

Rogerson, Daniel


    Manpower, Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 871-2w

    Manpower, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1036-7w

    Manpower, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 17w

    Manpower, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 269-70w

    Pay, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1683-5w

    Pay, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 289-90w

    Pay, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 722-4w

    Pay, Dept for International Development 22-3w

    Pay, Dept for Work and Pensions 1697-8w

    Pay, Ministry of Justice 1167w

    Pay, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 270-1w

Rolling stock

    Thameslink railway line 432w


Rooney, Mr Terry


    Children, Maintenance 119w

Rose Review

Rosindell, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Post offices, Petitions (29.04.2008) 274-5


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 832w

    Air force, Deployment 1129w

    Air force, Training 914w

    Armed forces, Deployment 833-4w

    Armed forces, Drugs 915w

    Armed forces, Females 1129w

    Armed forces, Graduates 833w

    Armed forces, Labour turnover 1130w

    Armed forces, Prisoners 917w

    Armed forces, Resignations 917w

    Armed forces, Young people 834w

    Digital switchover help scheme 10w

    Elections, Fraud 830

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 921w, 925w

    Legal profession, Fees and charges 787-8w

    Olympic Games, China 865w

    Olympic Games 2012, Arts 289w

    Olympic Games 2012, Finance 263w

    Prison Service, Manpower 985w

    Prisons, Carbon emissions 1382w

    Prisons, Construction 986w

    Royal Military Academy, Finance 925w

    Royal Military Academy, Foreigners 840w

    Young offenders, Custodial treatment 988w


    Pedestrian crossings 893w

Rowen, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Legislation (14.05.2008) 1398

                  Westminster Hall Debates


Royal Ballet

Royal Hospital Haslar

    Petitions (12.05.2008) 1169

Royal Mail

Royal Military Academy

Royal Mint

Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Opera House

Royal ordnance factories

Ruane, Chris


    Disadvantaged 692

    Disadvantaged, Bank services 1736w

    Pensioners, Poverty 590w

    Price fixing, Construction 1590w

    Price fixing, Supermarkets 1763w

    Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, Prosecutions 1429w

Ruddock, Joan, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs


    Carbon emissions, Manufacturing industries 1239w

    Climate change, Community work 436-7

    Construction, Waste disposal 1751-2w

    Energy, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1059-60w

    Environment protection, Antisocial behaviour 457-8w

    Enviros Consulting, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 466-7w

    Fly tipping, Enfield 906w

    Fossils, West Sussex 1337w

    Lighting, Waste disposal 7w

    Litter, Information services 1811w

    Nature conservation, Canvey Island 1330w

    Nature conservation, Climate change 584w

    Packaging, Recycling 286w

    Packaging, Supermarkets 908w

    Plastic bags, Taxation 287w

    Recycling, Castle Point 1811w

    Recycling, Non-profit making associations 1751w

    Recycling, Yorkshire and the Humber 8w

    Regeneration, Castle Point 1243w

    Sites of special scientific interest, Castle Point 896w

    Waste and Resources Action Programme, Consultants 466w

    Waste disposal, Closed circuit television 910w

    Waste disposal, Prisons 1244w

Ruffley, Mr David

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, Helicopters (13.05.2008) 384-6wh


    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse 988-9w

    Community policing 100w

    Community policing, Publicity 75w

    Consultants, Home Office 676w

    Immigration, Interpreters 94-6w

    Manpower, Home Office 81-2w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Home Office 1826w

    Police, Bureaucracy 493w

    Police, Finance 99w

    Police, Public appointments 493-6w

    Police community support officers, Greater London 75-6w

    Police stations 98w

    Police stations, Greater London 99w

    Public participation, Home Office 676w

    Recruitment, Home Office 992-3w

    Renewable energy, Home Office 334w

    Runaway children 363w

    Speed limits, Fines 489w

    Sustainable development, Home Office 334w

    Video conferencing, Home Office 107-8w

    Written questions, Home Office 83w

    Young offenders, Custodial treatment 130-8w

    Young offenders, Remand in custody 662w

    Young people, Tobacco 506w

    Young people, Video games 507w

Runaway children

Rural areas

    Digital broadcasting 1070w

Rural development programme

Russell, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration (Discharged Gurkhas) (No 2) Bill 2007-08, 1R (07.05.2008) 719-20


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Reoffenders 487w

    Audio equipment, Health hazards 570, 746w

    Car allowances, Voluntary work 144w

    Disability living allowance, Appeals 586-7w

    Invalid vehicles, Accidents 606w

    Lorries, Foreign companies 96w

    St Helena, Airports 948w

    Transport, Schools 35w

Russell, Ms Christine


    Pakistan, Politics and government 1478w


    Military aircraft 485w

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