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    Health services (28.04.2008) 140-6

Yorkshire and the Humber

    Foreign investment in UK 1379

    Public transport 276w

    Recycling 8w

Young, Sir George

                  Chamber Debates

    Legislation (14.05.2008) 1396

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 451

    New deal for carers 555

Young offender institutions

    Special educational needs 1155w

    Specialised diplomas 1504w

Young offenders

    Antisocial behaviour orders 1561w

    Departmental coordination 386-7w

    Prisoners' transfers 985w

    Remand in custody 662w

Young people

    Antisocial behaviour 949w

    Chronic fatigue syndrome 1541w

    Compulsorily detained mental patients 1672w

    Crime prevention 961w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1610w

    Digital versatile disks 507w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1773-4w

    Ministry of Defence 1581w

    Missing persons 346w

    Non-profit making associations 884w

    Video recordings 507w

Younger-Ross, Richard


    Armed forces, Recruitment 265w

    Credit cards, Ministry of Defence 56w

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