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Kidney, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill (HL), 2R (21.05.2008) 327, 330


    National curriculum tests 143w

    Offensive weapons 764

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 764

Kingston upon Soar

Kirkbride, Miss Julie


    Poverty, Children 487

    Poverty, Pensioners 570w

Knife crimes

    see Offensive weapons

Knight, Rt Hon Greg

                  Chamber Debates

    Voting Age (Reduction) Bill, 2R adjourned (06.06.2008) 1050, 1052, 1055


    Driving, Costs 29w

    Humber bridge, Tolls 940w

    Poultry, Animal welfare 172w

    Road traffic, Greater London 386-7w

    Speed limits, Road signs and markings 192w

    Speed limits, Yorkshire and the Humber 945w

    Transport, Exhaust emissions 627

Knight, Jim, Minister of State, Dept for Children Schools and Families

                  Written Statements

    Academies, Overseas students 39ws


    Academies, Energy 547w

    Academies, Kettering 1-2

    Academies, Standards 19

    Agriculture, Education 550w

    Building schools for the future programme 144w

    Children, Asthma 548w

    Children, Writing 949w

    Communication, GCE A-level 1157w

    Education maintenance allowance, Expenditure 1157-8w

    Further education, Disadvantaged 951w

    General certificate of secondary education 550-1w

    General certificate of secondary education, Lost property 145w

    Gifted children 551w

    Literacy, Young offenders 555w

    Mathematics, Education 551w

    National College for School Leadership, Expenditure 551-2w

    National curriculum tests, Lost property 145w

    National healthy schools programme, Greater London 154-6w

    Olympic Games 2012, Education 149-50w

    Outdoor education, Greater London 150-1w

    Pensions, Dept for Children Schools and Families 548-9w

    Pre-school education, Teachers 1156w

    Primary education, Greater London 1162-4w

    Pupils, Per capita costs 555w

    Ridings School Halifax 547w

    Schools, Computers 293w

    Schools, Isle of Wight 558w

    Schools, Offensive weapons 558-9w

    Schools, St George's Day 1167w

    Science, Education 550w

    Secondary education, Standards 19

    Sixth form education, Per capita costs 965w

    Special educational needs, Disadvantaged 560w

    Specialised diplomas 559w

    Supply teachers, Yorkshire and the Humber 158w

    Teachers, Vacancies 566w


    Peacekeeping operations 686w

Kramer, Susan

                  Chamber Debates

    Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (HL), Com (20.05.2008) 229-30

    Social services (05.06.2008) 971-2


    Information and communications technology, Home Office 102-3w

    Kidnapping, Children 457w

    Pre-school education, Per capita costs 954-6w

    Working tax credit 98w

Kumar, Dr Ashok

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust (20.05.2008) 63-6wh


    Children, Obesity 288w

    Defence, Procurement 400w

    Excise duties, Fuels 93w

    Stop and search 744w

    Television, Licensing 58w

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