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    Politics and government 708-9w

Yeo, Mr Tim

                  Westminster Hall Debates


Yorkshire and the Humber

    Property development 45-6w

    Regional planning and development 21-2ws

    Supply teachers 158w

    Welfare tax credits 1087w

Young, Sir George

                  Chamber Debates

    Social services (05.06.2008) 1009-13


    Repossession orders, Social rented housing 320-1w

    Social security benefits 489

    Written questions, Government responses 653-4w

Young offender institutions

    Restraint techniques 417w

Young offenders

    Learning disability 282w

    Northern Ireland 315w

    Special educational needs 830w

Young people

    Antisocial behaviour 891w

    Dept for Children Schools and Families 566-7w

    Dept for Transport 24w

    Missing persons 462w

    Victim support schemes 1035w

Younger-Ross, Richard


    Military aircraft, Helicopters 687-8w

    Planning permission, Urban areas 161

Youth Justice Agency for Northern Ireland

    see Northern Ireland Youth Justice Agency

Youth services

Youth Sport Trust

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